Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Poor, pitiful me…..


I woke at 3am, my throat was burning, my ears were hurting, I was congested, but I went back to sleep thinking that I would be fine this morning.

Yeah, sure thing.  I feel like heck, crap, hell!!!

Everything aches, I have chills, my nose is running, my eyes burn, I’m one miserable old(er) girl!  I called Lindsay, she started having same symptoms yesterday afternoon.   I shouldn’t complain, poor Linds feels like heck, crap, hell!!! and she’s 8 months preggers! And my buddy, V, is having similar issues as well. Sad smile

I should just post a picture of that bulletin board and be done with it, but I want you all to see how we made it happen.

But, once again, it has to wait.  Right now I’m going to curl up in the chair with an afghan, Maggie and a cup of hot tea and will this to all to go away.  *sigh heard round the world*


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