Monday, March 5, 2012

GCB Review, it was trashy television at it’s finest, oh-so-good!!!!!!!


The GCB (Good Christian Bitches) premiered last night and it was wonderful, trashy, decadent television at it’s finest. I loved it! It’s getting good reviews, who doesn’t like Southern women, and these ladies do it right!  Pilots aren’t always the best, there are so many characters to introduce and you’re trying to understand the plot, but by the second half, Deanna and I were laughing out loud. 

We were still in Nashville, and the guys, who had been watching NASCAR all day, had strict instructions that we had clicker control at 9pm.  They weren’t as enamored as we were, but that’s okay, this one’s for the girls anyway.  I haven’t enjoyed Southern ladies so much since Designing Women…

If you’re thinking, “drats, I forgot about it,” you can watch it here!


  1. I liked it too, loved the church signs out front so funny.

  2. I liked the show. The church prayers were hilarious.


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