Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Oh how I HATE change!

Now that Stella is starting to finally recover from the ick that has plagued her for the past week and getting her groove back, I’m on a rant.


See this bottle, this is a glass bottle that once contained Vicks Vaporub.  And granted, I had my trusty bottle of Vicks for a badzillion years. because, let’s face it, you don’t use a boatload of this stuff in one sitting.

And after poor hubby had trudged to the store time after time for all kinds of nonsense to try and make me feel better, I sent him once more to get me some Vicks, because I couldn’t find mine.

He came home, tossed it on the bed, I eagerly unboxed it, and something wasn’t right.  It didn’t look right, it didn’t feel right, the Vicks itself looked like it was a different color.  IT WAS BECAUSE IT WAS IN  A PLASTIC BOTTLE!!!!!!  Oh, I was beyond upset because they quit making it in a glass pot.  It probably didn’t look right because it didn’t have the cobalt glow that the glass bottle had.  I used it of course, and it smelled the same, but it just was wrong.  I swear if I still had the old bottle, I would transfer the contents.  So, if any of you have glass Vicks bottles, for gawds sake don’t throw them away, give me one!  I’ve already alerted hubby to look for me one at a tag sale, but he says he never sees them.

Oh, they better not mess with my Carmex glass bottle, that’s holy grail!  If they screw that up, I will have one hissy fit, but I’m going to start stockpiling my glass Carmex containers just in case it ever happens.

What a traumatic thing to have happen to someone who is sick.  I’m going to email the company, I am, and it won’t be pretty, either ‘cause I’m in a mood!  Just quit changing things, for cryin’ out loud, we old(er) people don’t like it!!!!!!

Oh, and cough drops, they’re smaller now, why?????  This has me all upset, too!!!!!

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