Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I wish.......

Here's what I'm wishing for today aka an exercise in futility...

I wish:

I wasn't sick, two days in bed now, blecht
I had braids, they're back, and I've always loved them but would look silly with them at this age
I could lose 10 15 okay 20 lbs., another exercise in futility
My house was decorated for fall, dropping the ball this year :o(
I was sitting by a campfire with the old ladies, enjoying the day (private joke, they will get this)
I had a new cuddly robe for fall, I see few in the stores and they all tie at the waist, not attractive when you need to lose 10 15 20 lbs.

Jan, blogging in bed from her iPad, surrounded by Kleenex, dogs and juice Diet Dew

Monday, October 10, 2011

Abby turns two!


Saturday was Abby’s birthday.  She’s all giggles and smiles, busy every moment, exploring the world.  She loves being outside, sliding down her slide, again and again, and playing with the sand rice table that Grammie and P-Pa got her for her birthday.  I love to just sit and watch her, she’s such a joy.  She calls me Grammie now, when we I first saw her, she jumped up and down, squealing “It’s Grammie, It’s Grammie!”  Talk about tugging at those heartstrings.

She had a fun “Little Einsteins” party, and Mama and Daddy dressed up as June and Leo, Abby was Annie.  It was so sweet watching her open her gifts and play with the little kids.  These years pass so quickly, I just want to remember every moment…

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