Saturday, March 12, 2011

Shelley Fabares, then and now...

Law-dee, a picture is worth a thousand words...

I found these pictures  after viewing this old Annette Funicello wedding video...

61 year old with a zit. Why???

There was an old girl

Who had a zit…

Right in the middle of her nose.

It did no good to to do lament

or heaven forbid sit and cry

‘Cause zits don’t go away til’ you die!

Instead she slathered on the concealer

And spritzed lots of scent on her

So if you can’t bear to look at her

Maybe you will at least enjoy her odor.


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Cuisinart Single Serve Brewing System, my latest trick...

If you're a regular reader, you know that I bought the Cuisinart Single Serve Brewing System last December and have been thrilled with the quality, the coffee choices, yada yada yada.

Yeah, I know you're tired of hearing about this. But, today when I stopped by Bed Bath & Beyond to pick up some iced tea k-cups, only to find that they don't stock them until closer to spring, I had a brainstorm.  I have this reusable coffee filter that stores in the side of the machine, and is easy to fill with coffee if you don't want to buy the k-cups, why am I not brewing iced tea with this?  Duh, senior brain!!!!

So, I came home, I had Lipton loose tea in the pantry, so I opened the box, scooped a coffee scoop of tea, put it in the reusable filter, and after using the rinse cycle in the Brewing System, I brewed a cup of tea.  It worked great!  So then I ran it again, the second cup was not quite as strong, since I didn't put in fresh tea leaves, but still good.

So that's my latest trick, one scoop of tea leaves brews enough for hubby and I to both have a tall glass of iced tea for lunch.  No waste, and if we want it later in the day, it's simple to brew it again.

No getting out my Mr. Coffee iced tea maker, no boiling water, and steeping tea for 5 minutes, this works fantastic.

You're probably wondering why I would have loose tea in my pantry, nobody buys loose tea anymore.  I bought it for the Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Maker, but i don't see why you couldn't take a tea bag or two, push them into the k-cup dispenser, or rip them open and pour the tea leaves into the dispenser.

So, if any of you have this wonderful machine, or are thinking about buying one, this is another trick for you.

Here's a video so that you can see how it works for yourself...

Monday, March 7, 2011

Old ladies crossing the street…

This is so funny.  I can just see Hooterville and myself doing this in a few years to alleviate boredom in our old(er) age…

Instant nose job….

I’m watching Hoda and Kathie Lee this morning, there is this woman demonstrating an appliance that you put in your nose that gives you the appearance of having a nose job.  It lifts your nose without surgery.

Now I’m either getting really old, or this is just totally bat shit crazy!  What happens when you sneeze or blow your nose?  Imagine the possibilities…

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