Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sally Hansen Salon Effects

I saw these on Denise Richard's twitter feed.  She says they are amazing.  Hmmmm, can't imagine...

I went to YouTube - here are a couple of videos if you want to check them out -

Sally Hansen Bling Effect

Sally Hansen Promo Video

My take on these - if you're a 20 or 30 something, these would be fun.  At my age, the color choices would look silly.  Sooooo, another idea bites the dust.  Oh, getting old is such a pain in the patootie!!!!!  How do old(er) women have fun?

But back to the nails, I was just telling Lindsay last weekend that I can't wait until Abby is old enough to paint her toenails.  I love, love, love little girl's with different colored piggies.  A yellow one, a purple one, a pink one, maybe little polka dots on one of them, too.  Oh, won't that be cute peeking out of a pair of sandals, or even better flip flops.

I know, she has to grow up a bit, but oh, what fun we're going to have...

One of the finalists from Pioneer Woman's Love Photo Contest

This picture is so precious, it brought tears to my eyes.  I simply adore Pioneer Woman. She's just the BEST!!!!  Check out the rest of her photos, they're wonderful!



By Sara. Nel

Friday, February 18, 2011

The Dancing Goat

Jean sent me this early this morning. Aren't animals just a joy! This is so cute!!!!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Houseplants, normally not my thing…

Despite my success with outdoor gardening, I have a bad reputation when it comes to houseplants.  I overwater, or ignore, they turn yellow, they turn brown, they die, you know the routine.

Well, the palm tree in the sunroom, I got it last year at Nashville Flea Market.  The vendor that was selling it said it was thirty years old.

Thirty years old, what an obligation I felt, to nourish this through the winter.  It had been alive for so many years, I couldn’t just couldn’t let it die at at the end of summer.  So into the sunroom it went last fall, and I’ve actually managed to keep it going, it actually looks pretty good considering who has been taking care of it. 

I’m looking forward to spring days when I can once again drag it out into my little front courtyard, but right now I’m feeling pretty pleased with myself that I didn’t kill it!  But not pleased enough to bring more live plants into the house, I’ll leave that to my friends that do a better job than me.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Oh the things I put that man through…

sunToday was the day,  I decided that I wanted to move the furniture in the sunroom.  Poor LC, he moved everything out, and rearranged it the way I wanted it.  He pushed and pulled and vacuumed, and then I stood back and looked at it and I hated it!

It looked terrible, everything  was lined up against the walls, a look that drives me nuts! Whatever was I thinking? So he took a nap, and then he pushed and pulled and moved everything back the way I had it in the first place.  Now the sofa is angled in the corner, the tree and plant are behind it, just the way it was before, the way it’s been for the last eight years.

I’m usually a creature of habit, once I get a room the way I want it, I don’t change it.  I must have had a touch of spring fever this afternoon.  Either that or dementia, probably the latter.  Whatever it was, it was not one of my better ideas.  But I am going to look for new toss cushions for the sofa, something with a summery feel. That should do it, a little change without a major redo…

What a difference a week makes…

A week ago, Trish and I were out on the golf cart, with the cover on.  It was twenty-five degrees, we were bundled in coats and hats, drinking mugs of coffee to keep warm.

Today, hubby put the flaps up on Milly, we took the M&M’s for a ride in our shirt sleeves, it’s 72 degrees in Heavensville.

It won’t be long now until spring.  Today is just a tease, I know.  But it’s glorious…

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine’s Day….


Abby at 16 months...

She’s a little whirlwind, why walk when you can run.  We visited them this weekend, Lindsay warned me that she has discovered her screamer, and she’s right.  She runs through the house barefoot, squealing at the top of her lungs.  Then she stands on her tippy toes and walks across the floor.

Despite my repeated attempts to get her to call me “Grammie” she refused, opting instead to refer to her grandpa as “Bampa.”  I was so desperate I tried to get her to call me “Bammie” but it was hopeless.  She would just look at me and say “no.”

That’s her favorite word, “no.”  She says it for everything.  She shakes that little head and is very emphatic about it, too. 

She’s a busy little bee, doesn’t want to sit on your lap, only cuddles when she is tired, she has too much to do, exploring her world.  She is totally in love with Handy Manny, watches his cartoons intently, while clutching her Handy Manny doll.  She tries to use the screwdriver to screw things from her Handy Manny Toolbox, and of course hubby thinks that’s the cutest thing ever.

She has definite ideas about food.  She does not want anybody feeding her, she wants to do it herself.  She enjoyed dunking her french fries in yogurt at Cracker Barrel, and speared chicken with a fork and fed to anybody that would take it.  Did she eat it herself, of course not, she only likes Chick-fil-A.  I discovered quickly that she would much rather feed you her food than eat it, except for yesterday when she ate half a bag of my Baked Lay Chips.  She put those chubby little hands into the bag and crammed them in her mouth as fast as she could, not once offering to share with “Bammie.”  She’s just like her mama, she loves anything salty.

She’s crazy about her daddy, he’s the only one she will always give a cuddle to.  She lights up when he enters the room, yells, “Dada” and runs to him as fast as she can with those little arms in the air to pick her up.

Sixteen months is a precious age, I wish I could make time stand still, she’s changing so fast…

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