Friday, February 11, 2011

Waking Up is Hard to Do!

This is great, thanks for the send, Carlene!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Is this a hit, or a miss?

I need your opinions. This is a picture of the back wall of my kitchen, the prep area, I’ve reorganized things, put what I need to bake with in these cabinets, and changed out my mismatched canisters that I put my Splenda and Oat Bran in.

First I bought these standard issue glass canisters from Target (third picture), brought them home, and hubby told me that there were old square canisters stored in the garage.  So I sat the Target canisters in the utility room, ready to take back.  Then he brought the Seifert ones in the kitchen for me, washed them, and here’s the result.

Is this Seifer’s Pretzel’s on the front ugly?  It doesn’t work to turn them to the back, as you can still see the logo from the backside, and it looks even worse. *if you click on these pictures, they enlarge a bit*

I did a poll in the sidebar, what’s your take on this, should I ditch the Pretzel Canisters and use the Target ones, or none of the above?  Oh, the poll is completely anonymous, but I really want to know what you think, or I wouldn’t be asking…

~ jan

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Men, don’t they just annoy the holy bejeezus out of you???

aletToday for lunch I made wilted lettuce, using this wonderful leaf lettuce in the picture, green onions, bacon drippings, red wine vinegar, put together in my favorite, mother’s big stainless steel mixing bowl, and I’m sitting at the bar, eating, and reminiscing, thinking about how I’ve loved wilted lettuce since I was a little girl and how nobody made it better than mother did.  I was dipping another serving of lettuce out of that bowl onto my plate, and hubby waltzes by.

He asked if he could have a bit, and I graciously shared with him, then asked if he liked it, because I have this irrational need for approval of the food I make.  He walks away, muttering that it tasted like what an old person would have for lunch!  WHAT????  He’s four year older than me, the old fart, what a stupid thing to say!!!  And what did Mr. Food Critic have for his lunch???  Cream of mushroom soup out of a can.  Talk about what an old person has for lunch!

Grrrrrrr, he better watch what he says, it might just show up on this blog!

Men Schmen!!!!

Are the snows really almost over?

Our local weatherman said this morning that he’s pretty certain we are 90% finished with snow this winter after one more snowfall today.

Oh, please let him know what he’s talking about.  He never gets it right, but maybe the weather is finally changing.

The girls have been little troopers, trudging thru the wet stuff on their little Yorkie legs.  You can just see the looks of resignation as I put them out in the cold.  They do their business and run for the door, instead of dawdling, and sniffing everything as they normally do.  No perimeter checks, no nose twitching, they just pee and run for the house.  I always have the fireplace on for them, they head right to it, to warm up.

Now if I can just get hubby to fill those bird feeders today and get some activity, I’ll feel like we might really have a shot at spring.  Darn, darn, why didn’t I plant those bulbs last fall! 

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

This is how she rolls at my house…

I have issues with telephone handsets.  I lose them, frequently.  In fact, last summer hubby threw what was left of the old ones away and bought an entire new set of phones because I had lost most of the old ones.  He was smart this time, the base unit is corded, so I can’t lose it.  But the other three phones are cordless and we didn’t have the new phones a week until one of the cordless ones came up missing.  I really felt bad about it, and we never did find it, despite his turning the house upside down looking for it.  He couldn’t understand how I could lose so many phones, and of course, as usual, Ditzy Dora here was totally clueless.

Well, today he was digging around in the sofa in the den, who knows why, and he felt this hole kind of in the side of the couch, and lo and behold, not one, not two, but three handsets had fallen in the hole.  Two of them were from the previous phones, and he found the one I lost right after he bought the new ones.  He had gone through all the sofas many times, but didn’t realize that there was this empty pocket in the side where things could fall through.

I really feel sorry for the man sometimes, I seriously do.  I am just such a space cadet with telephones, with no forethought about putting them back where they belong after I finish talking.  I seldom lose my cellphone, and I never lose car keys, that’s his thing, losing the car keys, but for the life of me, I can’t remember to put those stupid phones back on their chargers. And, even though we have a little finder button on the main unit, the handsets have to be charged for them to beep, and if they are lost, of course they aren’t going to beep, their batteries are dead.

But life is good in Heavensville this afternoon, all the phones have been restored to their rightful places, and I was even motivated enough to finally set up the phonebook on the main unit, even put in my speed dials. 

Now what else can I do while I wait out this weather.  I need to redo the index page of, maybe I’ll work on that later in the week, or maybe I’ll just talk on the phone, or maybe I’ll do none of the above, but I won’t be making another pie for a long, long time, that’s for damn sure.  Weaning myself off sugar today is not a good time!

Here’s what’s making me happy today….


A fresh rose fleur from the grocery store, a Diet Coke, a pot of Carmex and a game of Farmville on the computer.  I’m into cheap thrills ;o)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Okay, already….

I shared my pie with hubby, even though he graciously said I could have it all.  I was starting to feel like Miss Piggy. *blush*

61 year old woman goes on a binge….


Like the nursery rhyme, The Little Girl with the Curl, when I’m good, I’m very, very good, and when I’m bad I am horrid!

Remember last week, and how I said I would eventually cave and make a raisin pie?  Well, yesterday was the day, I not only made the damn pie, I ate half of it.  Yes, sport fans, half!  But, oh, I’m not finished yet.  This piece is in the kitchen, the last piece, and hubby isn’t feeling so great this morning, he thinks maybe he is getting a bug, and he said he doesn’t feel like eating any more pie.

And yes, I feel really bad for him, well I do, I was going to share, well I was. But since he’s not feeling well it means that I get to eat this other piece of pie, this big piece, all by myself.  And yes, that’s real pie crust you’re seeing, no Pillsbury Pie Crust for this pie, nope, it was the real meal deal…

I’m really bad, and really stupid to tell it on myself, but I have no filter, remember?  Tomorrow back to healthy eating, today, over the mouth and past the gums, look out tummy, here that pie comes!!!!

I posted the recipe on Jan CAN Cook, if any of you are so inclined to make a raisin pie for yourself.  I highly recommend it.  And one of these days, I’m going to make another favorite, sour cream raisin cream pie.  But not for awhile, I’ve done enough damage with this one! But sometimes a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.  Know what I mean, Vern?

~ jan

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Jan’s Find of the Week – Hooked on Houses

This is the cottage in the movie, Bewitched. Bad movie, lovely house…

I’m running a little late today, but oh, do I have a goodie for you.  This blogsite is called “Hooked on Houses” and it has something for everybody, peek into celebrity homes, movie sets, you name it, it’s on here.  This is so much fun, ladies, oh you’re gonna love it.  Pinkie swear  you will ;o)

In fact, I love it so much that  I’m adding it to my Google Reader and The Dish sidebar.

If you go into the archives, you can spend hours here. Enjoy…

~ Jan

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