Friday, January 14, 2011

A young John Wayne

Now he never did float my boat, but I was in the minority.

Just thought the picture was fascinating..

That damn microwave!

Okay ladies, you’ve heard me complain for a couple of months now about my new microwave from hell.  Excuse the profanity, but you have no idea of the grief this thing has given me.  It is not touch sensitive, I have to push and push to get it to even work. 

Well a couple of nights ago, I noticed that the touch pad area where the start button is had bubbled up.  Oh, I threw a hissy, stupid microwave, inferior product, it’s already starting to look worn.  Then I started looking closer.  Holy crap, I had forgotten to take off the protective film.  Well, it was hard to detect, even hubby, who normally catches everything, didn’t realize it was still on there.

So I peeled it off, and viola, it is now touch sensitive, works much better.  But I still hate it!  It’s not fast enough and I think it’s uglier than dirt, sitting there front row and center, above my stove. Grrrrr

And is my face red?  Heck no, you all know I’m a ditz!  But Geezy Pete, I should have realized the protective film was still on there.  Go figure…

Heart Shaped Measuring Spoons

Cute, aren’t they, I smile every time I look at them. V thought they would be fun for me when I start baking with Abby. Can’t wait! ;o)


And yep, I always leave a bowl filled with measuring cups and spoons on the counter.  It’s so handy.  I’m all about convenience these days, I have all kinds of appliances sitting out.  Back in the day I was all about “decorating” my counters, now I’m about convenience.  And I have found I like the way my kitchen looks with appliances sitting out.  But then I have spiffy appliances.  Well, I do!  I’m a foodie, remember?

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Wovel, Popular Mechanics best new product of the year…

Okay, ladies, one more thing Carlene told me about.  The Wovel.  She bought one, since she lives in a snowy part of the country.  Some of you might be interested, as it makes shoveling a lot easier and relieves pressure on your back.  Here’s a video, and here’s a link to the site>>

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


My friend, Carlene, sent me this information about YakTrax.  She has bought them for gifts, everybody say's they're great.  I'm thinking a lot of us could use these on our shoes in this winter snow.  It's only January, people, I hate to think what is ahead of us before spring!


Note:  Carlene bought the $20 version, not the pro version, and they work fine.

Here's a direct link to their site>>>

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Kennedy’s, what we’re not going to see on the History Channel

Have you been reading this week about the eight-part mini series, The Kennedy’s, starring Greg Kinnear and Katie Holmes? 

Supposedly, if you can believe what the tabloids are saying,  the History Channel succumbed to pressure from Maria Shriver and Caroline Kennedy who did not want it aired, and pulled the plug on it.  After all these years, does that family still have that much power?

Now it will only be seen overseas and in Canada unless someone else is willing to air it.

Here’s the trailer.  You be the judge…

I don’t hold back in my old(er) age…

We had a three inch snowfall overnight in Heavensville, but hubby and I were out and about early this morning,  the cleaning lady came, and we always leave the house.

So we’re going to breakfast, it’s about 9am, snowing like crazy, the wind is howling, the roads were gawdawful, it was really slick,  and on a busy four lane street, there stood this poor kid in a statue of liberty outfit with a card that read Liberty Tax Service, standing right next to the road in the midst of all that snow and ice.

OMG, it was totally, unbelievably dangerous for him to be there, someone could have easily slid into him.

So, being the in your face old broad that I am, I call up the tax service, all the while hubby is saying, “Jan, be nice.”

Some lady answers, and I say to her, “do you have a guy advertising your business standing by the side of the road?”  “Yes, she answers, somewhat apprehensively.”

Boy, did I let her have it, telling her that it it was totally irresponsible of her company to expect someone to stand next to an icy road, that he could be killed, and that furthermore,  that kind of recklessness certainly wouldn’t encourage people to file taxes with their company.  I said “you should be ashamed of yourself making him stand out there in that snowstorm.”  And then I promptly hung up the phone because I had no desire to listen to her rebuttal.

There was simply no excuse for that.  Hubby kind of rolled his eyes, not really surprised at my actions though, after all we’ve been married almost forty years now.  But I did my good deed for the day and felt better for it.  I wonder if they left him there in the snow?  I hope not.   People just don’t have a brain!!!

Congressman Giffords

As, with all of you, I  continue to watch the media coverage surrounding the shooting.  I find it sad that the focus is almost completely on Gabby Giffords.  The other people matter, too.  They have families, friends and loved ones, yet we only hear snippets of information about them.

Politics in this country are really pathetic.  You can just see the politicians posturing for position in this tragic time, putting themselves out there, making statements, bringing attention to themselves.

I find this really sad, I'm sure most of you do, as well...

Monday, January 10, 2011

What's going on with me, is this part of the aging process?

I've blogged many times about my struggles with television and not finding programs I enjoy, but I find lately that it's intensifying.  I  no longer enjoy The Young and The Restless, and I was a fan from day one.  I find Regis and Kelly silly and insipid, the ladies of The View are hideous, even my beloved Brothers and Sisters is falling short this season with their stupid storyline about Justin being a paramedic and Kitty and her boy toy relationship.  I have no interest in the "O" network, except for Cristina Ferrare, she is absolutely wonderful.   I long ago gave up my fascination with Oprah, who is so impressed with herself that I can barely tolerate her.

What's wrong with me?  I've always been a die hard television fan, eagerly anticipating my roster of shows.  And now, they just bore me.  Am I alone, are some of you struggling along with me?

What do I enjoy?  FoodTV - I love watching the Barefoot Contessa, even the annoying ones like Giarda DeLaurentis and Rachel Ray hold my attention.  Paula Deen is so over the top, but her campy style makes me laugh.  I also enjoy the last hour of Today with Kathie Lee Gifford, who I used to not like at all.  I like to watch developing news on FOX, and most of all I enjoy winding down my day with HGTV, especially International House Hunters.

Oh, how my tastes have changed.  I can't help but wonder if this is just a phase, or if it's a lifestyle change.  Time will tell, I guess, and in the meantime, I'll just keep on truckin'..,

Sunday, January 9, 2011

You don’t rule dogs, they rule you…

dog Oh sure, they look innocent enough.  It’s why they get by with all they do.  They’re so darned cute that I give into them.

It’s cold outside, they go for a potty run really fast and then they’re back in the house.  And they both go to the fireplace, stand in front of it and stare me down until I turn it on.  Then they stretch out in front of it and go to sleep. 

And when they get hot, they move to the chair.  No, let me rephrase that, they take over the chair.  And I let them.

Maggie regularly stands on this chair in the living room, peering around at me in the sunroom on the computer and crying.  She keeps it up, whines and cries, and at first I didn’t know what was wrong with her.  But I got onto her little game really fast, she wants me to flip on the fireplace while she naps in the chair.  And heaven forbid I take this throw off, she scratches and makes her nest with it, now it’s full of pulls, and looks just awful, but I don’t throw it away, she enjoys it too much.  Maggie is always the instigator, she gets the ball rolling, especially letting me know when it’s time for their afternoon “snack,” then Mollie chimes in, barking along with her.

And yesterday was bath and haircut day, and let me tell you, Miss Molasses Maybelline was just a little shit!  She’s normally a trooper, actually enjoying getting her “hur did,” but not yesterday.

It’s too cold to groom them in the garage, and so the deed was done on my computer desk.  I’m halfway thru Mollie’s haircut and she decided she was done with it, and refused to stand up any longer.  She refused!  And so she has this crazy lopsided do, because there is no way you can scissor her tummy and legs when she’s laying down. Maggie was actually the little trooper, because even though she had tangles, she patiently stood there, letting me get it all combed thru.

And that’s life around here, I just never expected to be ruled by two five pound fur kids, but I am, and I wouldn’t change them for the world…

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