Thursday, June 2, 2011

Take a good look at Dyan Cannon today, ladies…



I always liked Dyan Cannon, I thought she was so beautiful, loved the hair, the laugh, the smile, but lord help, what has this woman done to herself?

Here we go again with the duck lips, the cosmetic surgery the extreme dieting.  This woman is seventy-four years old and she looks like a train wreck.  And here I go again, on that soapbox, ranting about aging in America.  Why do women feel the need to try and look young, when they clearly can’t pull it off?  Why can’t we be okay with our bodies as we age?  Why can’t we embrace our sags and bags, instead of pulling and pinching and tucking and ultimately looking ridiculous instead of natural?

A few years ago, I saw Miss Cannon on a talk show and they were doing a cooking demonstration, making mashed potatoes, and the host could no way get her to take even one bite of those potatoes.  She was horrified, saying they would make her fat.  Well, lady, it’s not too late, you could use a few potatoes to plump up that body a bit.  As for the lips, oh never mind….


  1. Well, I agree with you, somewhat. It is so sad that she has a skewed idea of what "beautiful" lips should be. In fact, she has inflated them so much, like a pair of balloons, that they affect her speech. Listen to her in a movie. It's so sad. She speaks as if she has a huge pair of lips in the way...which she does :( . She also pulled her face so tight, it has that windswept look. Perhaps, this is before they had the better facelifts. However, the part where I disagree with you is on her body. That woman has obviously put a lot of work, ie, working out, to make her body look like that. Extreme dieting? Well, must admit, her legs do look a tad on the thin side. But, her torso area looks muscular in an awesome workout sort of way. So yes, it is so sad about her face. Perhaps, she knows and can't fix it :( . She obviously paid the wrong docs. I've seen fantastic facelifts on folks who aren't famous, and if you have the right doc, it can make an incredible and lovely difference.

  2. Dyan Cannon is Kansas in a play at a local dinner theatre. She looks like she is ill, wears outlandish tight costumes and walks as if she has MAJOR back and hip problems. Moves like as old woman who needs a cane, but refuses to use one.Trying to look younger makes her look MUCH older!

  3. I love her hair. She is a beautiful woman, despite what the plastic surgeon did to her. I don't know why women let these money-hungry plastic surgeons talk them into unnecessary surgeries. Aging gracefully is nothing to fear or be ashamed of. So what if we have wrinkles and/or a turkey neck? Unless one has a relative who's a talented, smart plastic surgeon, it's not worth the risk. MANY (not all) of these doctors don't care about anything except their bank accounts. And they are NOT artists. One has to be somewhat of an ARTIST to be an excellent plastic surgeon. Some plastic surgeons have weird mental hang-ups and quirks, too -- about women!! -- as is evidenced by the horrible surgeries they perform. Wake up, women! Age gracefully! And JUST SAY NO to plastics.

  4. I just watched a movie with Dyan Cannon on Amazon Prime. It was so hard to look at her face that once was so pretty! She appeared anorexic and could hardly walk. Brenda Vacarro was in the movie and while she is only two years younger than Dyan, she looked 10 years younger. IMO, Dyan would have done better leaving her face alone or less procedures and certainly a better Doc! Shy away from west coast Docs and head to NYC-better yet, call Christie Brinkley and ask for her Doc’s name! Meanwhile, what a heartbreak over Dyan...even if they could fix some of her face and she allowed her lips to deflate, it appears too much skin has been removed around her eyes???


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