Monday, October 25, 2010

A vintage Andy and Barney commercial….

Senior citizens should NOT ride around in a Corvette…

b1When I was in my late 30’s and early 40’s I drove a Corvette and loved tooling around in it.  But that was then and this is now, and now I just feel silly.  Nothing worse than old people driving around in a Vette, they don’t look cool, they look like they are trying to recapture their youth and can’t face growing older.  Fast, low slung cars are for the young, not for old geezers who can barely get in and out of them, which was exactly what we are!  Everybody stares at you, some guy was checking me out, he saw that blonde hair from the back, and then when he saw my face, you could just see his eyes bulge.  He was probably thinking, “what is that old woman doing in a car like this?”  Poor feller.

We had car problems when we visited John and Deanna, so they kept our car to take to the shop and John sent us home in his Corvette.  Not only is it bright Tweety Bird yellow, which just screams, “look at me, look at me” but it’s also a convertible and the most gawdawful, uncomfortable car imaginable when you have a three hour drive with two dogs sitting on your lap.  Even John is tired of it, he seldom drives it and is getting ready to sell it and buy a “sedan.”

Maggie was terrified.  All of the wind noise, coupled with her dislike of interstates anyway, just drove her over the edge.  She kept clawing me, trying to climb to the back seat, but of course there was no back seat. She was cowering on LC’s lap, just trembling, and we finally stopped and got her carrier out of the trunk and put it in on the console between us  in an effort for her to find a hidey hole so that she would feel safe,  and then poor hubby was trying to move it enough to shift the gears, and Mollie was totally befuddled by all that was going on, it was just the trip from hell!

And now we are headed to Lexington, so we have to drive the damn thing again.  How did I ever think these cars were so wonderful?  Well, okay, it was nice this afternoon before the clouds rolled in.  Hubby took the top down and we went for a ride in the country, but that was a half hour ride, with no dogs.   Oh, I do love convertibles, just one more age appropriate. 

Sunday, October 24, 2010

It’s a wonderful fall day…

Don’t you just love fall?  It’s clouds and sunshine today, windy, and cool.  I have the windows open and can hear the wind blowing and the falling leaves skimming across the walk.  The birds are on the feeder, the house is quiet, it’s just perfect.  One of those days that you just want to last forever…

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