Saturday, October 16, 2010

Even when I try really hard, I somehow manage to screw it up…..

Last week I decided that, for once, I was going to get everything ready ahead of time, because we had to leave early (6:30am) last Saturday for Abby's birthday party.  Oh, I was organized, I pressed our clothes, had everything laid out the night before, the clothes, the jewelry, the socks, the shoes,  it was all waiting for me to just slip into and leave. 

I opened a  new pack of trouser socks, picked out the brown ones, tucked them into my shoes, ladies, I was so organized.

I’m up early, everything went like clockwork, and I was so proud of myself for having everything run so smoothly.

We pull into Ryan’s driveway, he and John were outside smoking the hams, John opens my car door for me, I get out, and he says, “Homer (he always calls me Homer, not mom, long story) why do you have on purple socks?”

I look down at my feet, and sure enough, I have screaming bright purple socks on.  Well, it was dark in my bedroom, they looked brown, pinkie swear they did.  You know how trouser socks always look different when you put them on and they stretch out, well they sure looked different, they looked hideous!

So had to borrow socks for Lindsay and change.  No way was I going to sit around at bebe Granddaughter’s first birthday party with those socks on.  And dear Dilly didn’t miss a beat as she went to her drawer to find me a pair.  She’s so used to me by now, she rolls with it pretty good.

Which brings me to my original point, I, once again screwed it up.  As I’ve said before, there i s no hope, there is NO hope….

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Marie Osmond’s Birthday Cake

This was on her Twitter feed.  Just thought you would all enjoy a peek at how the rich and famous celebrate their birthday…


Maxine, she’s my hero…


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

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