Sunday, August 8, 2010

Is dementia setting in?

I have a morning routine, same breakfast every morning, coffee, a poached egg on an english muffin and a piece of fruit.  I make my coffee, get out my coffee cup, put in the Splenda and fat free half and half, slice the english muffin, pop it in the toaster.

I fill a mug 1/3 full of hot water, add just a tiny splash of vinegar and a pinch of salt, crack my egg in the mug, nuke it for 1 minute 15 seconds, drain it with a mesh sieve, and put it on my english muffin.  I do this every, single morning.

So I go through the routine this morning like the trained monkey I am, have everything ready, put in the toast, start the microwave, but wait, where’s my coffee?  I can’t find it anywhere, meanwhile the microwave is beeping, the english muffin has popped up, and I’m getting frazzled.  This isn’t right!  Where IS that coffee!  I open the microwave, jeez louise, I had poached my egg in my fat free half and half and Splenda in my coffee cup!

I’m losing it, I really am…  And no, I didn’t taste it!  Threw it out, and started all over.  Then I burnt my muffin!  It was just one of those mornings…

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