Me:  “I’ seem to be doing a lot better with my hot flashes.”

Hubby:  “Really?”

Me:  ‘Yeah, I don’t rip off my nightgown and throw it across the room anymore in the middle of the night, haven’t you noticed?”

Hubby: (after a lengthy pause) “Congratulations, you’re officially an old woman, now.”

I then whacked the old fart over the head with a pillow as hard as I could. 

Men Schmen!!!

The winter wheat is greening in the fields, the birds are singing, I’ve got my spring flowers in the living room, the Easter decorations are out, the M&M’s are sporting pink and purple bows in their ponies, and my cold is slowly getting better.

If you don’t frequent my Jan CAN Cook blog, I’ve posted quite a few new recipes to that site.  You might want to check it out, see if there is something that interests you. I just bet there is.

Think green. ladies!!!
~ jan