This woman is absolutely hysterical! Deanna has seen her speak before, she’s a huge fan, me, too! Oh she’s funny…



Thanks for the giggle, C.  This is so funny!!!


Now that we’re in the deep freeze, all I can think about is food?  I’m starved all the time.  What is it about cold weather that makes you want to eat?  Even the M&M’s are extra hungry.  They have their little bodies parked in front of the fireplace all day long.  They just lay there, gnawing on their Texas Toothpicks.

I made lima beans tonight in the pressure cooker, and my version of healthy cornbread – a box of Jiffy mix, a can of cream style corn and an egg white, stir, put in a 9” skillet, sprayed with Pam and bake at 425 until golden.

It’s really yummy, really moist, not quite a spoonbread, just a moist cornbread.

My one and only New Years resolution was to start doing my Yoga workout every morning.  Have I started it yet, of course not!  But I will, I’m really gonna do this!  Well, I am!!!