Saturday, June 6, 2009

Vintage Commercials, this Bayer Aspirin is one of the best!

Well, I had a huge mess…….

It was late, I was making hubby’s dinner, putting the box of rice in the back of the pantry, and all of a sudden there was a loud kersplat!!!  I was trying to manuever the box, and instead of taking out everything in front of where I was putting it, I was trying to wedge it to the back, and I wasn’t paying attention to the large jar of salsa sitting in front of where  was trying to cram the rice, and the friggin’ salsa jar fell on the stone floor, and of course it shattered and sprayed salsa everywhere

Oh, I was soooo upset.  I was tired, and the M&M’s were looking at me like, snack, Mom?  I scooped up their little furry bodies and deposited them in the bedroom and shut the door.   That’s all I needed was for them to wade into it and cut themselves, or heaven forbid try and lap some of it up!

I had the trash can out, scooping salsa with my trusty bash ‘n chop into the garbage, the girls were in the bedroom whining to get out, and all the while, I’m throwing an absolute hissy fit.  Of course nobody was around to hear me but the dogs, but sometimes you just have to vent!

Oh, what a mess it was!  Hubby came in and cleaned up the last of it for me, telling me not to be so hard on myself, that he does stupid stuff, too.  Sweet man, attitude is everything, and sometimes you just need somebody to understand…

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mollie is out of surgery….

The vet just called, it was a hernia.  Thank goodness that’s all it was! 

She came thru surgery fine, I’ll pick her up late this afternoon.  Now maybe I can relax a bit.  This hasn’t been fun!

~ jan

Susan Boyle, Picasso Style…

Random Things

Okay, I admit it, this made me smile.  It’s not the cleavage, or the cigar, or even the rose or the champagne.  It’s the mole on the boob.

Maybe I’m just looking for a reason to smile this morning, ya think?  It’s 10:54, Mollie will be going into surgery soon.  I’ll update you later today….

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sometimes life just isn’t fair….


framed1I found a lump on Mollie a few nights ago.  It just popped up suddenly near her belly button.

It’s either a hernia or a tumor, so she has to have surgery in the morning.  Mollie is such a sweet little soul, oh how I hate this for her.

If I could just explain to her that what’s going on, but no, she looks at me and trusts me, and I have to drop her off at the vet for surgery, and she won’t understand what’s happening to her.

Yeah, I’m in a pretty p*ssy mood, tonite…  Poor little sugar bear…

Baby and the boxer on Bonnie Hunt

I saw this on Bonnie this morning and had to share.  This will definitely tug at your heartstrings…   Oh, this is so precious!!!!!

New Recipes on Eating Right….

I just posted recipes for an awesome One Point Dreamsicle Smoothie and Roni’s Whole Wheat Banana Pancakes on Eating Right

I made the pancakes for breakfast, again, they are to die for!!! 


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Guess who’s Twittering?

Yep, it’s Elizabeth Taylor.  She goes by the name DameElizabeth - You can follow her here…  She’s pushing her perfume and her Gay Rights agenda, but if you dig deeper, she talks about her dog and what she eats.  Something about a peek into a celebrity’s life that is fascinating… Especially, ET!

Remembering summer mornings of my childhood, my how things have changed….

Early summer mornings in the country, windows wide open, curtains billowing in he breeze, birds singing, heavy dew on the grass sparkling in the morning sunlight. 

Mother would always rise early.  She would work steadily in the early morning hours before the heat of the day.  By eight o’clock she would have already pulled her wringer washing machine out of the wash house, washed laundry and have it hanging on the line to dry.She would tour her garden, check her fleurs in the yard, often picking a bouquet, and putting them on the table in a fruit jar.

I can just hear the screen door banging as she went in and out of the house.  She would empty dishwater on her fleurs, and draw a bucket of fresh water from the well.  The water was always so cool and I remember the distinctive, metallic taste of the dipper, as I would raise it to my mouth for a drink.

I would tumble out of bed, pull on a pair of shorts, and often a little elastic topped peasant blouse that she had sewn several of for me from a favorite pattern, brush my hair into a pony tail, and after a trip to the outhouse, followed by a dog or two and baby kittens, we would argue about breakfast, as she always thought I needed nourishment and I absolutely detested breakfast food.

Our radio would be tuned in to WROY, getting the latest local news and farm reports, and I had a list of chores to accomplish, also.  It was a busy time, summer mornings, there were vegetables to tend in the garden, and weeds to hoe.  I can just see Mother, with her apron turned up like a basket, full of vegetables, heading into the house with the bounty her garden had given her. We had chickens, and there were eggs to pluck from the nests, often under an old hen that didn’t want to part with them, they would try and peck the back of your hand with their beaks.

I remember bees, and flies, and cherry trees heavily laden with bright red fruit, and of course the sounds of the red winged blackbirds on my beloved  ditch bank.

Oh, how different it is today, when we rise to an automatic coffeepot perking our morning cuppa, in a cool, climate controlled house.  We take for granted our flush toilets and our hot showers, and our washing machines and our freezers stocked with food.  But I remember how it was. 

I’ll always remember…

Do any of you have memories you would like to share? Mary, you should comment on this one, I’m sure this post has taken you back to your childhood, as we both lived similar lives…

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Now the fun begins…

My little granddaughter will  be swinging  herself to sleep in this in just a few months….


Starlight, Star bright…every parent wishes for a swing like this for baby! The comfy-cozy seat and head support cradle baby in cushy comfort as she swings in a side-to-side or front-to-back swinging motion. A sweet little canopy surrounds baby and sways along with the swing motion while 8 delightful songs entertain. Baby can also watch stars float all around as they spin overhead. When it’s nap time, mom can play different music—8 additional lullabies and sounds to calm and soothe baby. And with the flick of a switch, there’s a magical starry night light show that projects onto the canopy! Perfect for floating off to dreamland. Six soothing swing speeds, and 2-position reclining seat.

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