Saturday, April 18, 2009

Is the cow in my header just fat or is she pregnant?

Every time I pull up this page my eyes go right to the cow’s belly.  Boy, is it sticking out there.  Are there any bovine knowledgeable people out there that can tell me if she is indeed with child calf, or has she just been scarfing down the hay…

Why can’t i remember to take my camera????

My poor, sick camera, with the broken door, that I have to hold together with a rubber band?  Actually, it’s not as bad as it sounds, the camera works fine, if I can remember to take it with me.

The girls and I were on Milly, they were playing in a field, the wild mustard was in bloom, the sun was at my back, it would have made a great picture.  surprise, no camera!  And now the clouds have rolled in, so I can’t recreate the photo op….

Oh , wouldn’t it be wonderful to have an organized mind.   Some people just have it together.  They remember where they put things, they don’t have to search for their car keys, their cell phone is always within their reach, their checkbook is always balanced, their appointments are always scheduled months in advance.

I don’t envy much, but I do envy people who have it together.  I will, too, in my next lifetime…

Now where did I put that damned camera???

Friday, April 17, 2009

Snoozin’ their day away…..


Now I’m taking pictures of what I eat….

All of these things I’m doing are my newest approach at healthy eating and staying on track. I’ll be posting pictures of my meals on my Eating Right Blog, at least the ones that are worth a picture. :0)

There will be a random slideshow of these in the right sidebar, you can click on the picture and it will take you to Picasa Web Albums and you can get more details.

Only a few pictures, so far, I just started doing this. But it’s not a bad idea, be kind, some of my food will not be exactly gourmet.

Here's the quick link...


Want a peek into Octomom’s life?

I find it absolutely fascinating, and either she’s a really good actress or she’s doing a really good job with her family.  As RadarOnline says, you be the judge.

I’m also totally amazed at how good she looks.  Her body is tiny.  How did she do that?  Duh, she doesn’t eat much, obviously.

And what do I think?  I do believe I’m in awe of the woman.  She seems to be a sweet and gentle soul, she really does…

Here’s the link to the video…

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Are we really better off following the women’s movement…

Gloria Steinem is turning seventy-five .  She was a forerunner in the women’s movement, a feminist I never really got onboard with.

And as I look back at our lives following the sixties and the seventies, are we really better off, are we really?  If we are, at what expense?  Our children perhaps, whose lives are left to day care providers because the majority of their mothers work?  I’ve often heard working women talk of taking their children to daycare on their days off so they can have time to catch up on work, or have time to themselves.  I cringe every single time I hear a woman say this.  Like their children are a hindrance, they would rather shuffle them to the sitter than spend time with them.  I’ve also heard women say that their children get on their nerves and they could never stay home with them.  That’s a horrible way to feel.  I feel sorry for them, but more so for their families.  It’s sad what they miss, and what they can never recapture because they aren’t there for their children.

Are marriages better since the women’s movement?  Oh no, women won’t put up with the crap men hand them these days, they divorce them and move on,  most of them with children, where they try to have a single life and be mom, and who loses in this scenario, the children, of course.  It’s good that they do stand up to the men, of course I agree with that, but if they made better life choices in the first place they wouldn’t be dealing with the problems they have with the men they chose to marry.

I was there when they burned the bras, I was a young woman during the women’s movement, I lived it. Of course I think it would be great if we could really be equal.  But it can’t, and we  never will.  Women, in my opinion, have absolutely no business working in heavy industrial jobs.  They don’t have the muscle, the stamina that men do to do these jobs.  But they try, they are out there in their hard hats, trying to keep up as best they can, trying to show that they can do the same work as the men to earn that equal pay.   And women in law enforcement, and fighting in the military, don’t even get me started on that.   Oh, I sound hopelessly old-fashioned, don’t I?  You all know that I’m a  pretty liberal thinker, but I’m an old(er) woman now, I see life differently than I did even a few years ago.

And when these women’s day  jobs are finished and they return home, their men will “help”  and occasionally a man will really step up to the plate and do his share, but from what I’ve observed it’s the exception, not the rule.  The woman is the one who is responsible for most of the housework and raising the children.  I’m sure a lot of younger women would argue with me, but if they take off the rose colored glasses and really look at their lives, I imagine a lot of them are the ones that are doing the majority of the work at home, as well as working a full-time job.

Are women more fulfilled because they are working outside the home?  Is it really that important to have a bigger house, a better car, better clothes?  That’s not what is important, it’s the family unit that matters, but society has evolved to the point that the woman must work to maintain that lifestyle.  Also,  this generation doesn’t know any better, it’s what they are conditioned to do, and it’s normal to them, but it isn’t really normal and are all these “things” that important, are they really?

Children are exposed so much at an early age, there is no innocence.  It’s an immoral world that these little souls are being raised in.  Is it worth it, what this generation is doing to their children, is it really?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Home, it’s a beautiful thing….

I’m really lucky that my boys both live in such interesting cities.  John in Franklin, Tennessee, and Ryan in Versailles, Kentucky.  When we visit I’m always impressed by the trendy shops, the perfectly manicured beautiful home, the plethora of wonderful restaurants.  I feel like I’m on holiday every time we visit both cities.

My guys have long outgrown Heavensville.  They jokingly laugh about how hokey it is when they visit, and I understand what they mean.  It’s an old river city, we aren’t as trendy as where they live, we don’t have the awesome grocery stores, the upscale strip malls, or the selection of restaurants, but it’s home….

As we arrived back in town today, it was wonderful seeing the old brick buildings, the familiar landscape, and peeking at the river as we passed by.  Heavensville is a wonderful city to live in.  It has what I need, I feel safe when I’m out alone, and if I want more I can always visit the family!  It was so much fun visiting John, but it’s so good to be back in Heavensville…

Happy Birthday Maggie Moo!!!!



Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sleeping with the window open…

Is there anything better in the spring of the year than sleeping with your bedroom window open.

We’re visiting John in Nashville, and our bedroom is always hot.  It was raining last night, hubby cracked the window for me and it was absolutely blissful.  The cool breeze, the fresh air, the gentle rain, and then awakening this morning to singing birds.  It doesn’t get better than this….

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Do I have a great site for you all to see…


This picture brings back memories of my  country childhood.  It really was a time when mothers wore aprons, little boys wore bib overalls, pies were freshly baked for dad coming home from the field and dogs ran free in the country, protecting the property. This picture is so similar to the way I remember my childhood in the 50’s.

I found this great picture on a blogsite I’ve recently found.  I link to it in my sidebar, but in case some of you haven’t seen it and are feeling a bit nostalgic, it’s one of the best sites I’ve ever found online.  The name of it is Sugar Pie Farmhouse, and it has the most wonderful vintage graphics, scenes that depict the simple life, the way it used to be, when life was wholesome, and mother’s could stay home and raise their children, and the dogs could run free.  Was it a better life?  Now that I’m older and see the way the world is today, in my opinion, it definitely was.

I’m just a bit nostalgic this Easter evening. The family is gone, the house is quiet now, and I’m looking forward to spring planting.  Maybe I’ll bake hubby a pie,and I'll dream of a little child to share it with, and of course there are my sweet dogs to brighten my days.  I have a lot to look forward to this spring, life is good in Heavensville this Easter…

And the link to Sugar Pie Farmhouse is here, you simply have to check this out, it’s a visual delight… Pinkie swear…



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