Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Random thoughts on a gray winter’s day…

  • Smooth jazz playing, makes the morning unfold softly.
  • Breakfast was half a bagel with cream cheese, chunks of fresh pineapple and strawberries, hot coffee made with freshly ground Sumatra beans, which by the way, I always drink with Fat Free Half and Half, a staple in our house.  I never looked at label until today – the bastards stuck corn syrup in there – it’s the 2nd ingredient, too, so it’s laced with it.  grrrrrrr
  • Sheets in the washer, floor of the bedroom piled high with pillows and blankets, with dog beds thrown on top.  I just walked by, Mollie had somehow managed to climb on top of them all and was  fast asleep in her bed. I gave her kisses and moved her bed to the floor. 
  • Shoulda taken a picture, camera is broken, and it’s not that old.  If hubby can’t fix it, I’ll either have to wrap it with a rubber band, which will look geeky, or buy a new one.  *sigh* always something.
  • Reflecting on Michele Obama last night, she looked nice, but why do women wear sleeveless dresses in the winter?  Don’t their arms get cold???  Its just not right… I’m from the old school, no white until after Memorial Day, then retire it after Labor Day, no patent leather in the winter.   Just makes sense… 
  • Trying a new hairdresser next week.  I’ve gone to the same one for years, she’s a sweetie, but she hasn’t given me a good cut in months.  Time to try somebody new.  I don’t like change…  I’m old now, I want things to stay the same…
  • Still looking for the hammered daisy knockoff earrings that Diane Lane wore in Nights of Rodanthe.  I’ve Googled myself silly, can’t find anything about them.  If anybody has any thoughts about this, email me.
  • Always amazed at the trust my dogs have in me.  Maggie had a couple of snarlies on her tummy.  She lay on her back yesterday, no problem letting me trim them.  Sweet little dog…
  • Really thinking a lot about salad lately.  I always do that this time of year, I’m hungry for green.  Animal instinct, probably…
  • I’m outta here, going to work on those lemon desserts later. 


  1. Interesting.... I am a jazzaholic...I tune into iTunes radio when I'm most favorite is "The Spirit of Jazz" the style of SF's legendary KJAZ, which I listened to exclusively for YEARS and was DEVASTATED when it went belly up. This is the next best thing....second favorite is KPLU....sigh.....

    I drink my coffee (and now, so does dh) with sugar free Hazelnut Coffeemate....well, it actually depends on what dh buys...sometimes it's Fat free, but once I alert him to your new found info, hopefully it will only be the sugarfree from now on :S.

    I did tons of laundry today too; my friend finally "moved" out (I have a concrete feeling they'll be back soon)....and Max insists on being picked up and put on the bed while I'm folding it, lying on half of it. Can't say I blame him...I'd like to be little and flop onto a big warm load of sheets or towels too, LOL.

    Yes, IS always SOMETHING!!!!

    Michelle Obama wears sleeveless clothing because she CAN.....and I admire her for that...there's a lot of women who shun sleeveless anything b/c they're ashamed of their arms. If we all looked like Playboy bunnies, I can guarantee you, no matter how cold it is, you'd see a whole lot less clothing on girls. Like they say "if you've got it, flaunt it (while you can)".

    My hairdresser just talked me into cutting off almost all my hair...I'm not sure what's worse, LOL...I've had really long hair all my life...but all grows back!Hopefully, in the same general area!

    Will have to check out the earrings ...that movie was SO pathetic, I never noticed them....the only thing that touched me was the fact that they ACTUALLY killed Richard Gere off...HOW could they DO that??? And in a MUDSLIDE of all things? I mean really....he's a freakin' STAR...doesn't he deserve a more dignified demise than a mudslide, LOL?

    Madison has weird hair...gets matted down to his skin if it gets very long, but he's so patient when i comb him out....they're all little furry angels I'm convinced.

    Salad...YES! I have to tell you that I did your Butterfly Salad last night with Kiwi, mandarins and blackberries...(i forgot the Parmesan though)...but it was FABULOUS!!! The dressing was soooo good! And tonite I had a Chicken Caesar salad for dinner....I'm in a salad mood too!


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