Monday, February 23, 2009

The Oscars, my two cents worth…

Kate Winslet – looked amazing, old world movie star glamour with her dress choice, and she has a real body, not a twig.  Loved it when she told her Dad to whistle.  He was so debonair in his hat!

Jennifer Aniston – what was up with the braid in her hair.  I’ve seen her look awesome, but last night wasn’t one of her better evenings.  The dress was not that attractive, and I was surprised because you would have thought she would have gone all out because of Angelina Jolie being there.  But, hey, good for her, maybe she didn’t feel the need.

Angelina Jolie – the emeralds worked. I still don’t like her, but those emeralds were stunners.

Sarah Jessica Parker – what was up with the boobs?  Implants?  They looked silly.

Goldie – older, heavier, still adorable.

Sophia Loren, ageless.

Sean Penn – arughhhh, can’t stand the man, why doesn’t he leave his politics at home “You commie, homo-loving sons of guns.”  And why didn’t he thank his long suffering wife.  He is so obnoxious!

Reese Witherspoon, adorable, but her dress got hit by the ugly stick.

Mickey Rourke, disappointed that he didn’t win, only because his dog died, silly, yeah, I know….

I thought Beyonce looked amazing, she has a real body, too.

It wasn’t a memorable night, but I did like the theater in the round and the special effects of the backlit screen. 

Its just not the same as it in the old days with Johnny and Bob and Whoopi. 


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