Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Oh-oh, I’m video blogging again….

Veronica and I were having a conversation earlier today about a video blog I did this morning on Facebook.  I used to do video blogs on The Dish regularly, but the program I used ceased to exist, and I’ve just not gotten back into it.

She told me sometime ago that it was a walk in the park to do them in Facebook, she was right, so I did one while ago, with Maggie in my lap.

And???   It’s no biggie to make fun of myself  at this age.  Hell, everybody else does, I might as well go with the flow.  And even though the silly videos are hugely uncomfortable to members of my family that shall remain nameless, to me they are just silly nonsense.  I don’t get embarrassed much at this age, if there is something good about getting older, for me anyway, it’s the idea that I can make fun of myself on a regular basis, and it not bother me.  It’s probably the best gift I have, being able to see myself in a humorous way and not take myself seriously.  But surely, if you read this site regularly, you realize that by now.

And if I can make somebody laugh or brighten their day, that’s even better.  Veronica actually enjoys my lame video attempts.  I wish she would do them, so I could laugh at her, too, but she’s more reserved, and I’m more in your face. I just start babbling and utter nonsense comes out of my mouth.  I’m a motor mouth,  what can I say. 

Sorry, family, looks like I’m back in the “oh no, here she goes again with the videos” sez me, laughing profusely at myself….


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