Friday, May 9, 2008

I had forgotten all about this...

I was making brownies this morning, the recipe told me to cut waxed paper for the bottom of the pan. Oh my, I haven't done that in years, not since Pam came along. But I smiled to myself as I was tracing the outside of the pan and cutting the paper as I remembered helping Mother make cakes in her heart shaped pans and cutting the waxed paper for them. She used those pans all year long, not just on Valentine's Day. And of course her cakes were always homemade, lots of chocolatety ones with yummy frostings like caramel, peanut butter and german chocolate. *sigh*

And what recipe was I using this morning? Actually I made two things, chocolate chip cookies and the brownies both from Perfect Light Desserts. It's a great cookbook, and the cookies are amazing. Nothing in the book is over 300 calories.


Interesting isn't it, how some things never change, and how other things do. We had never heard of light desserts when I was growing up... Ahhhh, those were the days and I didn't even realize it... Sad 4
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Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I found a clip from People Magizine of the upcoming Thursday Oprah Show with Tina Turner and Cher.You can view it HERE.
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The cartoons of our childhood, they don't get better than this...

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Border Patrol

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Tuesday, May 6, 2008


It's a warm evening in Heavensville, Maggie and I headed outside to wait for hubby to come home from work. We had been tooling around on Milly so garage door was open. I open the utility room door to the garage and a toad frog jumps from the garage right into the house.

Eek, eek, eek.... OMG, panic is setting in fast. I have Mags in one arm, don't put her down, don't want her to chase the little sucker on into the kitchen, I quick grab a lid out of the cabinet, try scooping him up, slippery little devil is hopping all over the place, I'm screaming, Maggie's growling. I finally manage to flip him on his back, and I felt really sorry for the little feller, he was a cute little guy, but I sure didn't want him in my house. I pounced quickly while was trying to right himself and managed to scoop him out of the utility room into the garage with that plastic lid. He hopped off to some nether region and will probably not be heard from again, but I imagine in a few days the garage will reek, and hubby will spazz out as his garage is his sanctuary.

Oh my, did that make my pulse race. Most excitement I've had in weeks!!!!! Lordy Mellie, Miz Scarlett here bout' had a fit of the vapors, for real I did.... Frog 5
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Heads up, girlfriends....

Cher and Tina Turner are going to be on Oprah Thursday. A lot of us are Oprahed out, but I will tivo this. I'll forget about it by Thursday, and I don't want to miss those two aging divas.
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Monday, May 5, 2008

talk about perfect casting...

Check out this picture of Meryl Streep in costume as Julia Child.

This is gonna be another "must-see" movie for moi.... She has managed to totally morph herself into the grand dame of chefdom...

Bon Appetit!!!
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Sunday, May 4, 2008

My cutey patootie, kinda...

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I remember blue sheets...

Today was was perhaps, the most perfect morning of the year. The temperature was in the 60's, the humidity was low, so Maggie and I spent it outdoors, Mags snoozing on the patio table with the umbrella lofted high to shade her from the rising sun. Marti visited for awhile, and later I made lunch for us to eat outside, celery and carrot sticks, alongside a cold meatloaf sandwich, smeared with ketchup on whole wheat for me, a ramekin of diced poached chicken with slivers of celery for her. I drank my iced tea, she lapped her iced water and life was about as good as it gets.

While she snoozed in her little lambswool bed, I sat in an Adirondack chair with a book, until my full tummy and the warm sun made me too drowsy to read. Back in the house, I slipped into bed for a nap, smiling as I pulled up my newly gifted sheets from Lindsay, silky soft, pale blue sheets, one-thousand thread count, egyptian cotton sheets to be exact, and as I lay there I remembered another set of blue sheets, as I once again, my thoughts went back to my childhood.

Mother's sheets were always white when I was a young girl, never fitted, and her pillowcases homemade from flour sacks or remants of fabric. It was my job to iron the pillowcases, even when I was so young that I had to pull up a box or a stool to stand on to reach the iron, as ironing boards weren't adjustable as they are now. I was so proud of those cases, I ironed them perfectly, and folded them length ways, then again, then once again and we tucked them into her top, sachet lined, dresser drawer alongside her white sheets.

Our little house in the country was nestled in a valley, surrounded by corn and bean fields, the yard filled with fruit and shade trees, with my beloved creek running alongside our property. On washday, Mother had a huge black iron pot, and she would make a fire in the yard, put the pot over the fire on a stand, then dip bucket after bucket into the well to fill the pot with water, and while she waited for it to heat, we would pull her wringer-washer out of the smokehouse, then fill her tubs, and she would wash our laundry with lye soap she had made, then we would hang them on the line to dry. I know this all sounds like something from Little House on the Prairie, but that's the way we lived. I took my baths in a galvanized bathtub in the kitchen, filled with water she had heated on the stove. It was a really simple life.

But on to the blue sheets.... Mother had a friend, Helen, that lived in "town." Hooterville's mother, Mary Beth, was also a friend of Helen's, and that's how I met the Hoot... Anyway, lots of Saturdays, we would go to Helen's, spend the night and Mother would wash our clothes in Helen's basement, because she had an automatic washing machine. And not only did she have a washing machine, but she had something even better to a young girl, a claw-footed bathtub. Oh, my, that bathtub was really something. I would take a long, steaming bath, and she had a dresser in her bathroom and the top of it was filled with creams and lotions and potions and body powder. It was good stuff, too, I remember Shalimar and My Sin, and I would dust myself with that body powder after my prune shriveled little body emerged from the tub, and put on either my flannel jammies or my baby doll's, depending on the season, and then I would go into her guest room, with it's Jenny Lind bed, and yep, you guessed it, pale blue sheets. She had a set of yellow ones, too, but I was always partial to the blue ones. The town life was so glamorous to a little country girl, there were sidewalks, parks to visit, the downtown movie theater, and television to watch. We always watched Lawrence Welk on Saturday night and Mary Beth would dance with Helen's husband, Fred in the living room.

So when Lindsay unexpectedly gave me these sheets, it surely did bring back fond memories. And while Lindsay's sheets are really special, they don't quite measure up to the sheets of my childhood. I'm sure she understands this, childhood memories are always the most intense.

So thanks for the gift, sweet Dilly, I will think of Helen's blue sheets often when I slip under your buttery soft ones to sleep...
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A couple more patio pix...

I mixed dahlia's with my sparkler geraniums in the first picture, and in the second one I copied a planter I saw while visiting V last week. She lives in a historic old town, they do wonderful gardens, and they had this huge geranium mixed with swedish ivy. It had obviously wintered in the greenhouse, and it was spectacular, so I just had to try it. The little white plants in front are white bacopas...

Click to enlarge this picture, the dahlias are so pretty...

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