Saturday, April 5, 2008

My day in pictures.....

It was a beautiful spring day in Heavensville. Marti and I went to an auction early afternoon, then Trish and I haunted the garden centers. V called to tell me about boxwood, I crammed five of them in my car, no some guy did it for us, they were so heavy Trish and I could barely left them on to the flat bed cart. Maggie and London went along, Maggie quickly got the hang of flirting with people so they would pet her and ooh and aah over her... She had a blast. London always gets tons of attention, she's such a cute little pipsqueak - it was just a perfect day in Heavensville.


All of these pictures will enlarge if you click on them...

Isn't this just about the cutest thing EVER???

Today Maggie was driving Trish's car. Egads, she's outta control with this driving!

We had boxwood crammed in my backseat and my trunk was full of it, too!

Best friends, Maggie and London

Look closely on the roof of the garden center - peacocks, which London insisted on chasing. They also had a solid white peacock, unfortunately, no pictures of it...

Ahhhh, fleurs everywhere...

London was hot in the greenhouse, check out the tongue!

And that was my day, hope your Saturday was a great one, too...
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Friday, April 4, 2008

Not my thing, but ...

Hooterville just sent me this link on how to crochet this tote from plastic grocery bags. Why she sent it to me, I don't know, this woman won't even sew on a button, much less crochet a tote for her groceries. The thought of it makes me howl with laughter, actually.

I'm not much better - personally I think it's butt ugly, I doubt seriously that she likes it either, but to each his own.

Linds got me totes from Fresh Market that are actually cute! Maybe I need to share them with the Hoot...

If you want a closer look, here's the CLICK!!!
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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Hey bank teller, I'm baaaack....

Remember me, I'm Maggie Moo??? Oh, you do remember me? Cool...

Yep, I'm the one with the fussy mom that only lets me eat the all natural treats.

Sure, I can wait til' you dig around and find some with no artificial flavors... Dad's in no hurry...

Nice day, isn't it? I like your hair, by the way...

Oh, you're going to give me a handful cause you think I'm so cute?

Hot dawg, that's awesome!!! Gee, thanks ...

See ya next week bank teller... Dog 7

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Maxine, you gotta love her....

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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Yes, I'm still eating off that damned salad plate!!!!!

I'm eating so many Boca Burgers and beans that I'm gonna explore, and I'm walking my mile faithfully every day, trying not to think about anything sweet and lemony. And we have two days of rain forecasted and V and I were going to have a girls day out Friday!!!

But I do have that new bed, so I need to quit whining and count my blessings!!!!! But I'm going to bed hungry!!! Shaking Rolling Pin I haven't exactly been flooded by emails from the rest of you telling me that you, too, are eating off salad plates this week. The closest I've gotten is Barb telling me she is loving Weight Watchers and Robin was having a go on the elliptical machine the other day. The rest of you are suspiciously quiet. Wonder why???
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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

They delivered my bed!!!!!

I love the bed. They delivered it today, and I think the style of it and the rustic gold finish makes it look like it's been in my bedroom forever. I love the old world look, I'm still playing with the bedding, but I'm really pleased.

I thought you would all like to see what it looks like, since a lot of you participated in my poll!!!
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Monday, March 31, 2008

A typical spring day in Heavensville...

It's warm, it's soggy, we have sporadic bursts of sunshine, then more clouds, more rain... The daffy's are in full bloom, the grass is green, the magnolia's are starting to bloom, and I'm being nostalgic again. Seems like I always am in the spring.

Hubby and I were driving thru the country today, I was thinking of my childhood and how on a warm, blustery day like today, I would be out in the yard, and if I was young enough that Mother still had control over me, I'm sure she would either have had me in a headscarf or cotton in my ears, trying to keep me from having one of the earaches that plagued me as a child. Egads, how I hated headscarves -After the age of about ten I wouldn't be caught dead in one, then or now!

Anyhoo, we would be picking up sticks out of the yard, bundling them to put in the burning barrel on a non-windy day and raking leaves away from the new growth of perennials emerging from their winter sleep. My beloved ditch would be coming alive, the red winged blackbirds that I love so much would be singing, and Topsy, my cocker spaniel, would be nipping at my heels...

I made a scrapbooking page about my feelings regarding spring last year. Some of you have already seen this, some not. It's published at millyscraps. Here's the CLICK.

And yes, that really is my ditch in the picture. Hooterville and I go past my childhood home often to take pictures of it. It's a constant in my ever changing world, the ditch is always the same... We're both hugely sentimental about it, as you all well know, as I talk about it often. Who would have thought in my childhood that it would mean so much to me as an adult. I've loved it always...
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Sunday, March 30, 2008


Do you need a program on your computer similar to Microsoft Office with Word, Power Point and Excel type applications? You don't have to cough up the big bucks, you can get them for free from Open Office. Yep, it's true, all free, all great applications, totally interchangeable with and very similar to Microsoft Office. did I mention that they are free? And how much would you pay for Microsoft Office 2007- eeks, major $$..

Here's the CLICK if you have a need...

And Linux developed a program called GIMP. It's a Photoshop type application for graphics and pictures. It's also free, works with Windows, you can find it HERE.

And finally, I've used AVG Free Virus Protection for years. It's also free. How do I know about all this stuff??? Hooterville, of course. She knows everything, she really does, and when she talks, you better believe, I listen. She says never use Norton or McAfee, they are just bloat hogs that eat up your memory, AVG Free is all you need. Here's the CLICK for it.


~ jan
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