Thursday, August 23, 2007

Just had to share....

This adorable little Yorkie's pix was on a Yorkie Talk Forum.

I just had to post this. Did you EVER see a cuter little dog than this? She's a tiny thing, people say she's about 4-5 months old.

Oh what a face. She reminds me a lot of Maggie.

Just makes my hormones go WILD!!!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Samo with a twist...

Hot, hot, hot, 98 right now, AND the air conditioner went on the fritz late yesterday. Talk about a bad mood....

The heat/ac man was coming to work on it this afternoon, I had to leave this morning, and I figured as soon as I left he would show up, so I put a note on the front door that said in part.

Air Conditioning Man, if you come while I'm gone, don't you DARE leave!!!! I'll be right back, house is unlocked, just go for it!!!!!

Well, he didn't come, of course, not til this afternoon, but it was a simple fix (supposedly) and it's now cooled down in here from 85 to 79. Whoeee, cold front.....

The M&M's just laid on the stone floor, no doubt wondering what was up. Poor babies, they were in their fur coats, no way for them to chill out, except for the ice water I kept replenishing for them.

I'm tellin' ya if this heat doesn't abate soon, I'm going to go stark raving mad, I'll probably be running naked in the street, and trust me, that's a site you don't want to see!!!!!!!!!!

I know EXACTLY how she feels....

Girlfriends, I think most of us can relate to this. And she still looks fantastic, in my opinion. And give her credit for not having succumbed duck lips and chinese eyes like so many actresses have.

~ Jan

In the new issue of Health magazine, SALLY FIELD admits she isn't thrilled with the way she looks.

"I think I look like dog poop," she says when asked about her secret to looking great at 60. "I'm not any different from a lot of American women who want to put a piece of black velvet over the mirror when they turn 50. The good news is that I'm healthy and I'm here."

In the issue hitting newsstands August 28, Sally talks about everything from suffering from osteoporosis to her workout regimen.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Another one of those peaceful things....

On my daily trek to Burdette Park to walk the track, I pass by The Monastery of St. Clare. An order of nuns live there, but it's very low key, you never see anyone out and about except for this one spry little nun.

I would judge her to be in her mid 60's, and she walks on the shoulder of the country road daily, accompanied by a gorgeous Yellow Lab. She is as trim as a girl, wearing her khaki shirtwaist and the required black headpiece, and she is just as brown as a biscuit. She always has the sweetest smile, and looks so happy and serene. It makes me feel good to just smile and wave at her as I pass by.

It's a wonderful thing, the countryside, even in this 90 degree weather. The Blue Heron on the lake was posing for me on one foot this morning, still as a statue, and the honkers and the quackers walked alongside for a bit.

The dry leaves are starting to fall on the track now, and they blow and rustle in the wind. It's an awesome thing, Mother Nature, even when she isn't cooperating the way we would like her to.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Well, would ya look at this

This little halter top from Sweeties has the same embroidery design as a pair of Ma's pillowcases. Now isn't that something... And they want $61 for this, ON SALE!!!!!

Well, I probably have those pillowcases in the attic, but my halter days are long gone, and somehow I can't see either one of my dilly's wearing this....

Too funny for words...

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