Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Long ago summers...

I was just talking to Hooterville the other day and she said her mom did this very same thing. I was telling her that when I was a little girl, as soon as Mother would get home from work in the summer, she would take off her shirt, and go around the house in her bra and skirt, trying to keep cool. Her Mom did the same thing, too.

So here I sit, in my bra and capris, home from the grocery in this once again stifling heat. Just what you wanted to know, right?

Today is LC's birthday, and I'm going to make him meatloaf, roasted potatoes and carrots, corn on the cob, bibb lettuce salad and a pineapple upside down cake. His very faves... He's working til 8, so it will be a late dinner.

Actually feels pretty good to come home and take off my shirt.

NO - NO - NO, I just can't do this, I can't turn into my Mother, not yet... I'm off to the shower and then into a tshirt..

Monday, August 13, 2007

Let me tell ya' I'm feeling MUCH better....

After I blogged about my park experience this morning, I showered, dressed, put on LOTS of eye makeup trying to make myself feel less ancient and went out to run errands.

I was in Office Depot looking at their Nano cases, and this 20 something clerk actually FLIRTED with me. OMG, THANK YOU JEBUS!!!!!!!!

He was pretty nerdy, and he was probably bored to tears in that store, but at least he didn't act like I was a GRANDMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hmmmmmm, I wonder how I'm going to get people to yell "Hey Nana Sugar" instead of "Hey Granny" when the time comes and I actually AM a Grandma????? Maybe I'll get a bumper sticker, yeah a bumper sticker that says "Honk for Nana Sugar" - that should do it!!!!!!!!

Well I just blew a gasket this morning, as Ma used to say.....

Okay, I'm still in a mood. Don't believe me, just ask Marti? OMG, I ranted last night to her for half an hour. But this morning something else happened and I'm justfied in being upset, I really am...

Okay, I'm off to Burdette this morning to walk, even though it's trying to drizzle and as humid as the Amazon Rain Forest. And I'm in SUCH a good mood because sweet hubby took care of my little "problem." My little problem being my new MP3 player that I loved the idea of but HATED the unit. Why??? It sounded great, it was small, it was red, but it was just CRAP. The firmware was not user friendly and the LCD screen was grainy and so faint that you couldn't see which albums you were highlighting when you were outside. And every time I turned the darned thing on, this ugly little Alligator came up on the screen. It was a Sansa, from San Disk, apparently that is their logo, but it was just butt ugly. Just put me in a bad mood looking at that little varmit everytime I turned it on. It sounded really good, but what good was the sound when you couldn't even manuever the menu or see the screen...

So anyway, I was fuming about it yesterday and hubby said, "just take it back and get what you want, I've still got the packaging." So I jumped right on that, but couldn't find the darned receipt. Finally, I looked up my online bank statement, found that I had purchased it on July 16th, and Circuit City has a 30 day return policy, so I call them up and they tell me I don't need a receipt cause they can look it up in their computer.

So I took it back and now I have a snazzy green iPod Nano that I simply ADORE, and the menu is clear, easy to read and manuever, and there is NO alligator.... So what happened to put me in a bad mood when I'm on my way to walk with my new toy....

WELL, I'm pulling in the park, and there is this shortcut that's reallly the exit, but everybody cuts thru there cause it's faster and there is never any traffic. So I zip thru there like I normally do, and there is this 20 something year old sitting on a tractor getting ready to spray, probably for alligators, and he yells out "You're going the wrong way, GRANDMA." OMG, he called me GRANDMA. Well, why not, I'm old as dirt now, and i sit really low in my car, I probably did look just like his grandma, especially with no makeup on, well I did have on lip gloss...

OH, DID I SEE RED, I'm telling ya, I was livid. SO I SLAM ON MY BRAKES, GET OUT OF THE CAR AND STOMP OVER TO THIS NEANDATHAL, who in the meantime is now talking to one of the other workers. I started screeching at him, saying that even though I WAS going the wrong way that he was rude to me and that there was no excuse for him yelling at me. He looked right at me, and said "I'm so sorry, you're absolutely right, I shouldn't have done that, I didn't think you could hear me." Well, apparently he did have some kind of upbringing, because he at least apologized, so I just smiled and said, "Apology accepted, you have yourself a really nice day." Then I hotfooted it back to my car and drove over to the track.

Holy crap, girlfriends, am I turning into Maxine in my senior years???? Whatever is wrong with me??? I think I'm really getting too ballsy for my own good.. But he shoudn't have said that!!!!

Bet he thinks twice before he does it again. Nah, he and that other guy probably had a big laugh at my expense, but at least I felt better... And that iPod is S-WEET!!!!!!!

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