Saturday, May 5, 2007

I doubt that ANYBODY feels sorry for Paris Hilton...

I was actually gleeful when this verdict was handed down. Do I feel bad about the fact that I relish the idea of her going to prison. Nope, I sure don't. This overpriviledged, self-indulgent, obnoxious little "princess" got what she deserved. Pampered her entire life, oblivious to the feelings of other people, she "thought" she was above the law. She not only ignored the fact that her license was revolked and drove drunk anyway, she blew off court ordered alcohol classes AND had the audacity to show up late for her hearing yesterday! How STUPID is that!!! Well she sure got put in her place.

I will NEVER forget seeing her on television, talking to two less attractive girls. And saying in that whiney little voice, "don't be jealous." Meaning, don't be jealous of ME! Well I guess they aren't jealous NOW! Oh, that p*ssed me off when she said that, I was thinking, you stupid, STUPID, little vaporhead, who do you think you are? She's gonna be a prison beotch, that's what she's gonna be!!!!!!!! Oh those prison bull dykes are gonna love her!!! Talk about a Kodak moment!!! Excuse my profanity laced rant girlfriends, but sometimes you just gotta tell it like it is!

I thought the following article was an interesting read...

Reprinted from TMZ blogsite -

Reopened in March, 2006, CRDF is located in beautiful Lynwood,Calif. -- just minutes from nearby Compton! While Mr. Chow takeout isn't available, according to the AP, CRDF does serve three low-sodium poultry based meals a day. Yum! For her own safety, Paris will most likely be segregated from the rest of her prison pals and live in a one or two-person cell. Cozy. During her days at Chez Clink, Paris will get just one hour a day to shower, exercise, watch TV or talk on the phone. And sorry to say, Blackberries are not allowed. Oh, the humanity!

As for wardrobe choices, Paris will have the option of one of four different colored jumpsuits. Depending on how she is classified and where she is housed in the facility, Paris could don a blue, brown, white or classic orange one-piece from the House of Detention collection.

Paris better get crackin', because with June 5 fast approaching, it gives her just one month to plan her kick-ass going away party!

Friday, May 4, 2007

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Just another day in the life....

I'm the world's worst at remembering birthdays. I remember the month, just not the day. So, naturally I'm texting Ang last week asking her which day her birthday is. I remembered first week in May but not the date. Amazing, huh, since I've only been friends with her, like FOREVER!!! So she texts me back May 2nd, and I write it on my calendar reminder.

I get up this morning at 6:30 am, bake her a cake, have it iced by 7:30, kitchen cleaned up and I'm calling her at 8:AM, singing her Happy Birthday! After I get the the whole little ditty sang, ya, it was offkey, anyway she starts laughing and says that her birthday isn't until Friday. ...FRIDAY, HELLOOOOOO. I could have sworn she said it was the 2nd, not the 5th. Holy Crap I did it again! I must have read that text message with my glasses off!

Naturally LC wanted me to let him eat the cake and bake Ang another one Friday. In his dreams. IN-HIS-DREAMS!!!

Monday, April 30, 2007

It just goes from bad to worse....

According to the gossip rags, guess who is the frontrunner to replace Rosie on The View??? Rosanne Barr! Now that should really bring some class to the show. Egads, girlfriends, this will turn it into a Jerry Springer wannabee. They also said Elizabeth Ditzelbeck is 3 months preggers and they will announce it this morning.

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