Saturday, March 10, 2007

Gotta Check this out...

Jump over to the Jan Can Cook board to see the gawjus looking malted milk ball cake - oh my goodness....

Friday, March 9, 2007

Some people are clueless...

I have some new readers on this site who have not the slightest idea who V, Hooterville, Nish, Ang, the Dilly's, LC, Marti, The Trisher, The M&M's, my guys, and several others are..... Not to mention Heavensville, I doubt very seriously if most people even know (or care) where Heavensville is located! And Nana Sugar, just what is that all about???? Well.....

I'm going to compile a list of characters, put it in the right sidebar, but not tonight, tonight I'm going to bed with a trashy book (well, that's a stretch, Nora Roberts isn't exactly trashy) and a big mug of Peppermint Tea.

Scarlett will work on this tomorrow....

She's not dead, Fred...

It's 65 degrees today in Heavensville and I'm showing you a pix of Maggie Moo in front of the fireplace.

Just had to share - she loves to lay on her back, legs splayed, feeling the warmth of the fire. She's sound asleep in this picture... silly little dog....

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Oh yeah....

Dinner tonight was due to a lot of input. Ry and Lindsay are here, Ryan cooked ribs, the way LC learned when he asked that lady in the grocery store with her cart heaped with ribs how she cooked them. Here's the scoop -

You take country style ribs, season liberally with Tony Chichiare's Creole Seasoning, black pepper and a light dusting of cayenne pepper. Put them in a roaster that has onions sliced on the bottom, toss in a few cloves of crushed garlic, add more onion to the top of the ribs, into the oven they go, covered, with no added liquid (375 for half an hour, then turn to 300-325 for a couple more hours). In the summer months we finish these off by putting them on the grill, dousing then with barbecue sauce and cooking til' they carmelize, but tonight he just put on the sauce and ran them under the broiler.

Then he made Lindsay's Aunt Mary's baked beans, which were AWESOME, and the rest of them had baked potatoes, but not me, I had rice. Uncle Ben's Converted to be exact. My friend Susan, now living in Chicago, introduced me to the joys of ribs and rice, it's an awesome combo.

Was it healthy? Of course not, but was it good - Oh, it was sublime....

It was a lazy day, Marti tooled over in her new Lexus - we all had to go for a spin, it totally rocks with every option known to man woman. Jeez, the woman even has air conditioned seats! For real she does, Linds says its the menopausal car. Hey, I know who I'm calling the next time I have a hot flash!! Way to go, Marti....

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

This wasn't one of my better ideas....

This morning I dropped a container of powder between my bed and my dresser that sits right next to the bed. And I need to tell you that it is a really HEAVY dresser with a marble top - so anyway, I'm trying to lean over and fish it out and I can't reach it - so I wiggle down farther, straining to touch the edges of it, no can do, so I manuever my head all the way in so that my shoulders are even with the dresser, and I grab it, then I start to back out but oh no, I can't because my head is STUCK. I'm talking REALLY STUCK - like there is absolutely no way that I can get it out. I can't budge the dresser, because the darn thing is heaver than anything you can imagine with that marble slab on top and I'm starting to panic.

I absolutely, positively cannot stand to be pinned in or pinned down, I have the worst claustrophobia known to man woman! My first impulse is to just pull my head out anyway I can, just get it out of there, but somewhere, inside my totally panicked brain, I'm realizing that I will do major damage if I do this. So I'm screaming for hubby who is in the garage, I'm REALLY SCREAMING LOUDLY for him to come RIGHT NOW!!!! Poor LC, he comes tearing into the bedroom thinking that I must surely be dying because of the panic in my voice and there I am with my rear in the air and my head totally stuck, and I'm screaming "GET ME OUT, GET ME OUT, GET ME OUT." By this point I'm starting to hyperventilate, I'm clammy, my palms are sweating, and I'm doing everything in my power to not just totally freak out and try and yank my head out. Poor hubby, he had to actually move the friggin dresser to get me unstuck.

My knees were like jelly, I was trembling, OMG, girlfriends, it was SO awful. And I'm thinking what was I doing? What if he wasn't home? What would I have done? What am I gonna be like in another few years???

My kids are already probably saying, "what are we gonna do about Mom." And I can't blame them, I am such a ditz - one of these days I'm gonna really get myself in a bind. And that would have been THIS day, had dear hubby not have been home.

So here I sit, telling you about it, when most people would just keep it to themselves. But, maybe some of you will remember this and stop and think before you do something really stupid. I'm not alone with my senility, a lot of you are doing stupid things right along with me as we age. Just thank goodness we can call each other up and talk about it and yes, we laugh about it.

But trust me, this wasn't funny at all - oh whatever was I thinking squeezing my head in that little space! Egads I am so STUPID!

Sunday, March 4, 2007

I remember those days...


Long ago and far away,
In a land that time forgot,
Before the days of Dylan
Or the dawn of Camelot.
There lived a race of innocents,
And they were you and me,
Long ago and far away
In the Land of Sandra Dee.
Oh, there was truth and goodness
In that land where we were born,
Where navels were for oranges,
And Peyton Place was porn.
For Ike was in the White House,
And Hoss was on TV,
And God was in his heaven
In the Land of Sandra Dee.
We longed for love and romance,
And waited for the prince,
And Eddie Fisher married Liz,
And no one's seen him since.
We danced to "Little Darlin'",
And sang to "Stagger Lee"
And cried for Buddy Holly
In the Land of Sandra Dee.

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