Friday, February 9, 2007

How true this is...

This was on a Yorkie message board this morning. This is so me....

Grow Old With Dogs
When I am old... I will wear soft gray sweatshirts... and a bandana over
my silver hair..... and I will spend my social security checks on wine
and my dogs. I will sit in my house on my well-worn chair and listen to
my dogs' breathing. I will sneak out in the middle of a warm summer
night and take my dogs for a run, if my old bones will allow... When
people come to call, I will smile and nod as I show them my dogs... and
talk of them and about them... ...the ones so beloved of the past and
the ones so beloved of today.... I will still work hard cleaning after
them, mopping and feeding them and whispering their names in a soft
loving way. I will wear the gleaming sweat on my throat, like a jewel
and I will be an embarrassment to all... especially my family... who
have not yet found the peace in being free to have dogs as your best
friends.... These friends who always wait, at any hour, for your
footfall... and eagerly jump to their feet out of a sound sleep, to
greet you as if you are a God. With warm eyes full of adoring love and
hope that you will always stay, I'll hug their big strong necks... I'll
kiss their dear sweet heads... and whisper in their very special
company.... I look in the Mirror... and see I am getting old.... this is
the kind of person I am... and have always been. Loving dogs is easy,
they are part of me. Please accept me for who I am. My dogs appreciate
my presence in their lives... they love my presence in their lives......
When I am old this will be important to me... you will understand when
you are old.... if you have dogs to love too. ~Author Unknown

Thursday, February 8, 2007

There is life out there at 8am...

I've pretty much been in hibernation, but I dragged my lazy butt outta bed, and met Ang at Starbucks this morning for coffee. Dunno if it was seeing Ang, the caffeine, or being out amongst the living, but I feel mahvelous, dahling..... Probably a little bit of all three.

Nothing like a little jazz in a coffee house, a good friend and a cuppa java early in the AM.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Now ain't this a crock???

I just got a newsletter from Oprah titled - How to Age Brilliantly and Love Yourself from the Inside Out...

Ya right... Nobody ages brilliantly that I've ever seen. We all look like we're heading to Cuba things are sinking so far south. I'll think of loving myself from the inside out the next time I'm sitting at my 6X magnifying mirror looking for errant chin hairs.

But, if you've a mind to check out this info, plus makeup tips for the "mature" woman, hey have a go at it.... Good luck and I'll check back in a couple of years to see how it's all working out for you....

Here's the click!

It's me, it's REALLY me!!!!!


To put off doing something, especially out of habitual carelessness or laziness

That's me!!! I know better, I realize that doing whatever needs to be done doesn't require as much effort as putting it off for DAYS and DAYS and DAYS!!!! I'm lots better than when I was younger, but I still do it.

I'm so boring today, I haven't read anything interesting online, no funny news to tell, I trimmed the fur on Mags ears this morning, that's about the extent of my excitement. I did make the grilled bananas that I posted on Eating Right last week for breakfast. And they were just as good as HungryGirl said they were. Even hubby gave them a thumbs up.

Just had to post the following so you can all go around all day with this song in your head!!! And me, I'm going to go put something off, but I'm going to be singing while I'm doing it... nononono, bad girl, Jan, bad girl....

Garden Party

- Artist: Rick Nelson
- peak Billboard position # 6 in 1972
- inspired by Rick's experience at a Madison Square Garden concert
- Words and Music by Rick Nelson

I went to a garden party to reminisce with my old friends
A chance to share old memories and play our songs again
When I got to the garden party, they all knew my name
No one recognized me, I didn't look the same

But it's all right now, I learned my lesson well.
You see, ya can't please everyone, so ya got to please yourself

People came from miles around, everyone was there
Yoko brought her walrus, there was magic in the air
'n' over in the corner, much to my surprise
Mr. Hughes hid in Dylan's shoes wearing his disguise


lott-in-dah-dah-dah, lot-in-dah-dah-dah

Played them all the old songs, thought that's why they came
No one heard the music, we didn't look the same
I said hello to "Mary Lou", she belongs to me
When I sang a song about a honky-tonk, it was time to leave


lot-dah-dah-dah (lot-dah-dah-dah)

Someone opened up a closet door and out stepped Johnny B. Goode
Playing guitar like a-ringin' a bell and lookin' like he should
If you gotta play at garden parties, I wish you a lotta luck
But if memories were all I sang, I rather drive a truck


lot-dah-dah-dah (lot-dah-dah-dah)

'n' it's all right now, learned my lesson well
You see, ya can't please everyone, so you got to please yourself

Monday, February 5, 2007

And what did I do this blustery day???

Sat here all day, built a new Eating Right page. It's definitely different, definitely green PISTACHIO!!! Hey, I went outside my box for a change...

I have soup simmering on the stove, the fire is blazing in the fireplace, the M&M's are snoring beside me. Yeah, it's a good thing....

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Maggie doesn't like football...

Ryan and Lindsay are Superbowling in the living room with Munchie sleeping close by, Mags and I are in the sunroom, she alternates between woofing at the speakers and shaking. She just doesn't care for the sport... Neither do I. Just doesn't ring my chimes...

Ry is making the Williams Sonoma recipe for stuffed meatballs that I posted back in January on Jan Can Cook. Hubby is on his way home from work, and it's colder than a well digger's butt in Heavensville...

John and Tonia were here yesterday, we had a great day, just a family weekend.... Works for me.....

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