Wednesday, October 24, 2007

This guy is right on...

George Carlin, speaking on The View this morning about the California fires -

"People think nature is outside of them. They don't take into [themselves] the idea that nature is a part of them." Pointing to his chest, he said, "Nature is in here, and if you're in tune with it, like the Indians – the balance of life, the harmony of nature – if you understand that, you don't overbuild, you don't do all this moron stuff."

I so totally agree with this man. I've talked before about how people have "evolved" to the point that, living in their plastic societies they have no concepof nature and don't grasp how it governs our lives.

They, and I say they, not we, because I'm a country girl, I grew up with a mother that killed the chickens we ate, and we gleaned popcorn in the fields in the fall, instead of buying it in the store, and we gardened and we canned in order to survive, so I really do understand nature, I lived it, but THEY, meaning so many people today who shop in grocery stores, never associating the food that they eat with nature that produced it. They don't stop to think that the flour or the oats or rice in the cereal they buy their children, grew from seeds in the ground, or that the steaks and chicken they buy or eat in restaurants were once living, breathing animals. People have "evolved" to the point that they disassociate what goes into their bodies with the nature of the food chain.

We eat "processed food" totally oblivious to the chemicals and man made ingredients that is put into it, when we would be much better off eating our food in it's natural state. But there is no natural state, because in our greed to produce more faster, bigger and better, chemicals have been added to the soil and sprayed on the plants, and animals have been injected with growth hormones so that they mature more quickly. It's no wonder that cancer is rampant in our society.

I'm not well versed enough to talk about the huge problem of global warming, but food I understand, and it is so sad that we have "evolved" into a society that would have no idea of how to take care of themselves or their families, if a catastrophic disaster, man made or natural, were to occur...

~ jan


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