Monday, October 22, 2007

I want....

I want to, but *sigh I am old, and I can't......
  • Grow my hair long and wear it in a pony tail. Let it dry in the wind and scoop the curls up in a clip.
  • Wear outlandish, funky clothes, lots of kohl eyeliner, and skinny boots with 4 inch heels.
  • Rip my jeans to shreds, and put them on with those boots, a great belt slung low, with a black, beaded shirt and go out for a great night on the town.
  • Take a vacation to the Florida Keys, ride a horse bareback on the beach and turn golden brown in the sun in a sleek tankini.
  • Eat pepperjack cheeseburgers cooked medium well with crispy fries squirted with Plochmann's Mustard. Home made oatmeal raisin cookies with pecans in the chilly fall afternoons, eaten by the fireplace with a cold glass of milk and a great book, and no guilt about eating them.
  • For Munchie to not grow older and for Mags to stay young forever.
But I cannot do these things, because I am older now, and instead this is what I do.

  • Cut my hair choppy short because it is thin now, and coat it with every product known to man woman in an attempt to make it look thicker and not "styled" like an old woman.
  • Vow to not wear jeans with an elastic waistband for at least another ten years, shop for a black beaded shirt that looks age appropriate and forget totally about any kind of belt. And the boots? Let's not even go there.
  • Forgo most vacation plans because I enjoy my own bed at night and the comfort of home.
  • Eat Boca Burgers and Light potato chips smeared with Plochmann's Mustard. And make that lite chocolate chip cookie recipes I posted on Eating Right sometime ago, and just have two cookies, by the fire, with a glass of soy milk, on chilly days, with a great book, while wearing my reading glasses so that I can see the words.
  • Live each day in the moment with the M&M's, and resolve to take more pictures of them to comfort me when they are no longer here, or young...
That's what life is, ladies, a series of compromises. Not necessarily what you want, but sometimes all that you can have... Pretty much sux, doesn't it??

And remember, it's not the things we do in life that we regret, but the things that we don't do. Life is what happens while we are busy making other plans.... And then you're old and it's too late...

Hmmmmm, maybe I WILL eat a REAL pepperjack cheeseburger and some of those cookies...


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