Thursday, October 4, 2007


I felt HORRIBLE yesterday, girlfriends, just HORRIBLE.... I didn't really eat THAT much, just a corn dog and chili and a couple of LC's breaded mushrooms and a few bites of peanut butter fudge, oh and half a piece of divinity, oh I forgot I had a caramel apple with nuts. *blush* guess I did overdo it... My tummy was upset ALL DAY, ALL EVENING and INTO THE NIGHT!!!! Did I go back today????? Duh, what kind of stupid do I look like I am, I STAYED HOME AND COOKED HEALTHY!!!!!! Well, except for that cake....

I've been a whirlwind in the kitchen this morning, made Weight Watcher Taco Soup, which is absolutely AMAZING, it's Peggy Jane's recipe, she has it in her fridge all the time, I'm posting it on Eating Right for you. Yep, I'm acually posting to another board....

Since family is coming in today and tomorrow, I made a big pot of soup and I have a loaf of homemade bread in the Zo, ready to bake. I also made Martha Stewart's Apple Spice Cake - click here for recipe - it's supposed to be one of her best, ever... We'll see. Have the caramel sauce in the fridge, and it's only 11 am. I'm finished, ready to shower and go out with hubby for a little R&R. NO, NOT TO THE FALL FESTIVAL!!!!! I've had it with all the junk, well maybe not completely, but eating all that crap is just not worth the rumbling tummy....

Okay, check out that soup by clicking here, it's "da bomb" even hubby liked it!


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