Monday, September 10, 2007

I just don't believe this....

This old girl has seen a lot in her lifetime, but NEVER have I seen anything like Aretha Franklin's tata's, displayed like this at the VMA's. Whatever was this woman thinking? This is worse than obscene, it's totally nausating. And what's with the itty bitty spaghetti straps holding up these bad girls??? OMG, I hope there was a wire threaded thru that fabric. Can you imagine if a strap broke? Oh, this is so bad, I have never in my wildest dreams seen anything so BAD!!!! Is she in total denial that she's OLD and FAT and that her boobs look like the WATERMELONS FROM HELL????

This totally overshadows (no pun intended) Brit-Brit's horrid lip synching, awkward, out of step opening act. What's the world coming to????


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