Monday, July 2, 2007

I was just thinking this morning....

When i was out for a morning ride on Milly, sipping my coffee, enjoying the cool 70+ weather, feeling the wind on my face, listening to the country sounds, the birds, crickets, cicadas and the frogs, how my life has come full circle. And I'm really grateful that I was raised in such a simple country way, I think I appreciate nature more than if I would have been raised in the city.

It was so peaceful, it was, well delightful is what it was. And life is good, this first Monday in July, the 3rd anniversary of my oldest son's marriage. Happy Anniversary John and Tonia, I hope your day is as good as mine....


  1. WOW I didn't realize they had been married 3 yrs already ... my how time flies :-)

    Happy Anniversary John & T


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