Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I was in a really a mood this morning...

Grumpy is the only way to describe my early morning. That dreaded scale didn't budge, and why do I get on it every day anyway??? LC was full of piss and vinegar , he's off for four days, and I was just being a grouch. I wasn't going to walk, I was just going to sit around and be in a bad mood, but at his urging, actually, I got off my duff and went to the track.

OMG, I'm charged now. Energized, feel good, plugged in my earphones, listened to some tunes, stretched out the muscles and I'm a new woman. There really is something to exercise and endorphines. Ang has been drilling it in my head for how long now??? And Linds, And T... Maybe it's finally kicking in and I'm starting to believe them.

So, if you find yourself being Oscar the Grouch, put on the walking shoes and see if YOUR mood improves....


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