Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Cutey Patootie...

The weather has just been gawjus this week in Heavensville, so hubby and I packed up Maggie Moo and headed out to the park last night for a picnic.

I took her leash, but the grass was covered in duck doo-doo, so letting her on the grass wasn't an option, and just leaving her on the picnic table to fall thru the cracks wasn't such a good idea, so I just plopped her in the empty picnic basket, where she sat all evening. She eventually scratched the bottom of it, made herself a little bed and went to sleep. How cute is this, girlfriends???? Doesn't it just tug at the heartstrings?

And how did the picnic go, well let's just say we had a "few" issues. Namely the little Smokey Joe grill did not play happy with LC and the charcoal. It took for-ever, we were trying to grill brats and chicken and later we grilled pork chops to bring home, the grill wasn't hot enough, but we eventually got it going... And yep, it was really yummy.... Fresh green beans, corn on the cob, sliced tomatoes, cucumbers and onions, lc had a packet of potatoes/onions/peppers, and I had a packet of zucchini, brownies for dessert.

It was a good thing...


  1. OMG and I ate food that was in this basket yesterday! I'll die for sure :o)

    Cute photo of the little B****


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