Thursday, June 28, 2007

Ok I gotta jump right in here with my take on the Paris/Larry King interview...

There is an old, old saying - "dumber than a box of rocks" - well, that was my take on Miz Hilton last night. She was a zombie, she didn't talk in depth about anything, her speech wasn't articulate, she showed no passion about her so called new "causes" and when LK pressed her on her favorite bible verse she drew a complete blank.

And she said she has never done drugs? Oh puh-leez, there are pix all over the internet of her smoking a joint. Her response to that is that she likes to roll her own cigarettes. ROLL HER OWN CIGARETTES??? Oh, I'm laughing out loud at that one, girlfriends.

It was a total waste of an hour last night, but of course I just HAD to watch it. LC was smart, he gave it ten minutes and watched something else.

It was as much of a waste of time as when Geraldo was going to find Jimmy Hoffa's body on national tv back in the 80's. Anybody remember THAT fiasco?


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