Wednesday, May 23, 2007


When you were a kid, zipping around the neighborhood on your bike. Ang visited today with her Sam, who is a very grown up fourteen now, and just happens to be the CUTEST, SWEETEST, MOST UNASSUMING, ADORABLE teenager I've ever seen, for real she is! I asked if she ever rode her bike and she shot me this look as if to say, "You've got to be kidding!" "Ahhhh," I said, "it's nerdy, huh?"

Its the times, life changes, kids are too sophisticated today. Hubby and I were tooling around in Milly yesterday, laughing at how golf carts remind us of bicycles without the peddling. Going downhill, the wind blowing in your face, you just can't beat it. That's one of the joys about getting old. I'm sure we look "nerdy," riding around on that golf cart with the M&M's, but who cares... It's a wonderful thing, to not really care what people think. One of the "few" perks we get as we age...

I just bet if Sam got on her bike and rode it down "The Hill", this huge old hill in Enfield that is really, really steep and just goes on for-ever, that she would have a big smile on her face. She would go really fast, the wind would be in her face, and she would experience pure joy and a giddy sense of freedom and excitement. It would be a good thing....

And how do I know this? It's because I, too, grew up in Enfield, and I bicycled down that old hill a gadzillion times when I was fourteen, and it WAS a good thing, actually it was friggin' AWESOME!!!


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