Thursday, May 24, 2007

Okay, I've just gotta jump in on this one...

First of all, all of you who read this blog know that I'm the most non-political person ever. It's just not my thing. I personally believe that the majority of politicans are biased, corrupt and not in office for the good of the common man but to further their own lifestyle and beliefs. Just my opinion....

And I didn't see the big fight between Rosie and Elizabeth on The View yesterday, I just saw snippets of it on the net. I was starting to form an opinion before I saw the argument in it's entirety, and of course you all know that I am NOT an Elizabeth Hasselback fan, and you all know that I AM a Rosie fan, at least I WAS until she went on that obscenity ridden rant in front of those teenagers at that prestigious luncheon a few weeks back. I thought that was totally over the top and wrong and I got off her bandwagon. And I'm not climbing back on, she's just too far out there for me. I do, however, believe she is smart, honest and extremely talented, but she's a little bit too raw for even my taste.

But today I watched that argument in it's entirety and I am now firmly convinced that stupid, ignorant little Elizabeth be-otch is not only out of control, but is so out of touch with reality that she has no idea of what really goes on in the world. You know when you are in an argument with somebody and they become very defensive and won't let anyone speak, they are usually the one that's in the wrong. That's just an observation of a 50's something woman who has been in her share of arguments over the years. And boy would she not let anybody else talk!

And one other thing that really rankles me is why, out of all the people in this wonderful USA, was she chosen to be at Queen Elizabeth's dinner at the White House and sit at a head table with Prince Phillip? What has she ever done to deserve such an honor? It just looks like she is bought and paid for, but there I go being political when I'm not, but it does bother me when there are so many, many deserving people that are so giving of themselves and would have so deserved to be a part of that honor instead of this woman child who has done nothing, in my opinion, to make this world a better place.

If you watch this rant in it's entirety, you can see Rosie trying to stay out of it, and when she does finally speak, she does it in a moderated tone, as much as she can, while Elizabeth is screaming like a banshee. Rosie is a woman that is clearly filled with pain. She is genuinely painfully hurt by this little twit, and Elizabeth could care less. This isn't about politics and who's right and who's wrong, it's about a supposed friendship and someone asking a direct question and the supposed friend totally skirting the issue. I certainly wouldn't want that stupid little vaporhead for a friend. Anybody would be better than her... It will be interesting to watch and see how her perfect little world plays out in the next decade...

Maybe you don't agree with me. Just watch the clip and form your own opinions. You can watch by clicking HERE.

Okay, I'm finished with anything to do with political leanings. I'm back to my silly nonsense from now on, but sometimes, not often, but occasionally I do get my back up. And boy did this woman get my back up!!!!!!


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