Friday, May 25, 2007

Lordy, Lordy do I smell good....

I've had a thing about bars of soap for-ever. When I was a little girl Mother always used Dove. So did my Grandma Short, and at the time I didn't like the smell at all, but now I love it. Brings back great memories. Last year Tonia brought me like fifteen bars of it, and oh how I enjoyed unwrappping those bars and inhaling the scent. I used it in the shower and smiled at the thought that she gave it to me, and just remembered the smells of my childhood.

My Aunt Mae always used Dial, and I still remember visiting her house and washing my hands at the kitchen sink with that gold bar of Dial. I can just see the bar, attached to one of those little round rubber gripper thingies, with the foam running over the edge and down the sink.

When my teenage years rolled around Safeguard came on the market and I was in love. Oh, how I loved the smell of a fresh bar of Safeguard Soap. It's still around, but somehow either the smell isn't as strong as I remembered or my nose just doesn't pick up the scent like it used to.

LC and I got married, and it was Irish Spring time. We used that for years, along with the occasional bar of Zest. Again, it's that strong, sporty clean scent that just rings my chimes. Oh, and I can't leave out soap-on-a-rope. We always had that in the house, but did anybody ever actually use the stuff? I always just used it to decorate the bathroom with. Don't know why I had the urge to decorate my shower, but I was young and dumb...

And of course I bathed my babies in Baby Magic. STILL love that smell, it's just the best EVER.... And Johnson's Baby Powder, and lotion. Oh, the memories those smells bring...

Then entered body wash and I kind of got away from bar soap. I've used so many brands of body wash that I don't really have a favorite. It's good stuff, body wash, it's easy to use, fast, quick, but somehow it's just not the same.

This week I was at the grocery store and on an impulse I picked up a couple of bars of Coast Artic Surf Bath Soap. OMG, I'm in love with bar soap all over again. It's really strong and really fresh and soapy smelling, just totally delightful. They also make it in a body wash, but for now I'm sticking with the bars, just feels right in my hand. Know what I mean, Vern???

So here I sit, freshly showered with my Coast Artic Surf Soap, and I must tell you, I smell mah-velous, dahling....... just mah-velous......


  1. LOL soap-on-a-rope. I used to hang that in the shower too cause it looked so cool ..... how stupid were we?

    I don't use bar soap anymore but love to buy the ones that smell really good and stick it between the folded sheets and pillowcases. And, of course, I put a bar in the old "undie" drawer too :o)

    Speaking of smells .... one of my favorite smells for childhood memories is Coppertone Suntan Oil! I keep a bottle of it all the time ..... open it up and smell of it and I can close my eyes and be at Pounds Hollow. OMG I love love love to smell that stuff. We always used that when I was a kid .... oh my so many many years ago!!

  2. LOL oh I thoroughly enjoyed reading this! :) I too use body wash now and very rarely use bar soap. I even got the squirt tube bottles of soap for the sink in our bathrooms. I think it's all about simplicity with having 2 babies. I need to make things quicker and easier you know? I LOVE Irish Spring though. I haven't seen it in a body wash type yet. You know what i was chuckling over the other day? Do you remember that shampoo what was supposed to give you a perm for the day? I can't remember what it was called but I used it when I was in high school and it did make my hair a little curly but not too much. But I remember begging my mom to buy me that all the time LOL

    Anyways, love the new header! Thanks so much for using my kit for it! Hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! :)


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