Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Old women shouldn't wear swimsuits....

That darned Hooterville was making fun of those swimsuits (read her comment on the swimsuit post below). Well, I wouldn't wear one either, in fact, I don't know why I even posted that stupid entry. Had a huge brain f*rt I guess. They are pretty ugly. And speaking of clothes this brings me to something I've been meaning to tell you all about for weeks now.

Tummy Tuck jeans. I read about them in MORE Magazine - they are supposed to make you look like you are wearing a size smaller jeans. Well Jeez Louise, what a crock that was!

I was in Nashville a few weeks ago shopping with my Dillys, and Tonia had already scouted out those jeans, except I don't know why cause her tummy is flat as a board, but anyhoo, I grabbed them, didn't even look at the $85 pricetag - hey if they look good and make you look a size smaller, who cares how much they cost. So I'm off to the dressing room, put them on and started laughing. They have wide band of something that crisscrosses around your stomach that holds you in, it's probably 3-4 inches wide, and all it does is shove the fat above it and below it. And it HURTS! It's painful having that tight band around your tummy. So much for that. I guess if you were a size 6 it would be okay, but it's back to Ralph Lauren Saturday Jeans for me, they always seem to fit really well.

Here is their website if you want to check them out - they look actually great, but if you buy them and they don't work "told ya so!"


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