Sunday, May 13, 2007

It was a great Mother's Day....

I had a great Mother's Day, hope you all did as well. Ryan and Lindsay were here for the weekend, John and Tonia SURPRISED ME this morning, I didn't think they were going to be able to make it, as they had major yard work this weekend, but they got a lot of it done yesterday and drove in for the day. We relaxed, grilled on the patio, the weather was perfect, LC was home early from work, the M&M's were freshly bathed, life was really good for me today.

And I have to tell you about Georgia Rule last night. Does Georgia really rule???? Well, I, who of course have no taste in movies, loved it. You see, I have such a different take on movies, while most people go for the plot, the storyline, and quality acting, not me. I go because I like a certain actress and I want to see how she's aging, what the women are wearing, their hairstyles, their jewelry, and most of all what the houses look like. I know, it's shallow, but that's what I like.

Sooo, LC was working last night, Ryan and Lindsay and I went to see Georgia Rule. Neither of them wanted to see it, but they humored me because it was Mother's Day weekend. OMG, they just hated it, and I have to admit the acting was really schmarmy, and the storyline was unbelievably hokey, but hey, I was raised on movies like Tammy and Beach Blanket Bingo, and then went on to be a huge fan of flicks like Smokey and the Bandit, so this wasn't a stretch for me. And they had some really cute clothes and jewelry, but poor Jane Fonda, she is so weathered and so skinny that in some of the scenes she looked like a skeleton. She did have a couple of cute tshirts though. *grin*

I'm outta here, time for a hot bath and bed. Cya round the water cooler... Oh, oh, hair update... After several washings with Tide and Dawn, it's now faded to a more natural honey red toned color. It's not scary bad anymore, thank goodness, I may even leave it this way for a bit. Or I may not, I'm so fickle, who knows....


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