Monday, April 23, 2007

Oh, boy did Nisha do it this time....

First of all, I want you all to know that I have Nisha's permission to publish this about her. I would NEVER tell stories on my friends that would embarrass them without their permission. However, Nisha is the only person, other than myself, who sticks her foot in it on a regular basis. Well that's not entirely correct, both V and Trish manage to do this with some frequency as well. But Nish tops us all, she has gotten herself into more situations that you can ever imagine.

Now I need to tell you all that she is also a world class accessorizer. Always has been, the woman is really good at putting stuff together. And at an age when the rest of us have pretty much given up and wear what's comfy, Nisha is still out there working it with the best of them.

Okay, so now you get the picture. Last week, Nisha and Charlie were on a vacation in Hawaii, on a private island owned by Dole Corporation, it was quite the big deal. She called me several times, and it just sounded heavenly. The last night of her trip was a dinner sponsored by Dole and Charlie got some kind of fancy schmancy award, so they were REALLY visible.

Nish had put together one of her best outfits ever. White flouncy skirt, black tank, black and white polka dotted cardigan, wedge polka dotted sandals, and a black purse with yet another polka dotted bow and some kind of long black stoned necklace. She got rave reviews. Everyone loved he outfit, even the bigwig putting on the party told her how great she looked. Now this is pretty heady stuff for anybody, let alone a woman of a certain age, it was quite the compliment and Nisha was feeling pretty proud of herself.

She has been famous her whole life amongst her friends for her notoriously tiny bladder. So, naturally she gets up, walks aross the room in front of all those people to go potty and then comes back and when she almost gets to her seat, a woman gets up and whispers in her ear, "excuse me, but you have the back of your skirt tucked inside your underwear." OMG, can you imagine, strolling in front of all those people with your skirt tucked in your underwear. Of course, Nisha, seeing the humor in this has us both doubled over howling with laughter. And having been married 36 or 37 years, she's a pretty smart lady by now and of course didn't tell Charlie about it. So he was, and still is, clueless that his wife was parading around in front of all those corporate type honchos and their wives with her skirt hiked up in her underwear.

But wait, I'm not finished yet, yesterday when they were at the airport, she was trying to lift a piece of her luggage, tripped over it and went sprawling on the concrete, took a really hard fall, fell right on her kneecap and caused herself major pain. And yes, she did it in front of everybody, she is never lucky enough to do this stuff when nobody is looking.

The airport personnel, came running over, naturally afraid they would get sued, gave her an ice pack, and she's been nursing the kneecap ever since. One of the ladies traveling with her was afraid she would have broken her nose the way she fell and her luggage landed right on top of her.

Oh my, girlfriends, I could write a book about her. She's just a total joy, my friend Nisha. She makes me smile. And I just bet she made you smile too, tonight, reading this.


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