Friday, April 20, 2007

I just saw red...

As my regular readers to this blog know, I absolutely loathe Alec Bloviator Baldwin. I've ranted about this control freak of a man for years now and yesterday when I clicked on TMZ to see what the latest gossip was and heard his tirade against his young daughter I just absolutely saw RED. My blood was absolutely boiling as I fired off an email pronto to Hooterville and V, who both think he is as despicable as I do.

And now, on his website, he has apologized to EVERYONE. He doesn't need to apologize to EVERYONE, EVERYONE could care less about his sorry life, he needs to apologize to this young girl. This whole ongoing battle is not about his daughter in the first place. It is a male that was rejected by his wife, who no longer has any control over her and he can't handle it. I remember back in the day when they were dating, and he went to a psychologist because he was so in love with her that it had turned into an obsession and he couldn't function. Does this sound normal? That poor woman should have realized back then that the warning bells were going off and she should have gotten out then.

The critics of Kim Basinger need to step back and think what this woman must have endured at the hands of this man while she was married to him. She should not be criticized for trying to protect her daughter. She should be admired for having the strength to get away from him and the ability to fight for the well being of her child.

A child of divorce instinctively gravitates to the parent that is good to them, and rejects the one that is not. He says that he is a victim of alienation (when one parent turns the child against the other) and that he is writing a a book about it. A BOOK!!! He is trying to turn a profit out of his sorry excuse of a life. This woman protects her child because she knows what he is capable of. And now all of the world knows how vicious he can be, and no matter how much he whines and tries to excuse himself, the truth is out.

Now he and his high powered attorneys have gotten a court order to find out how TMZ got that tape in the first place. He's trying to redirect the blame once again away from his sorry ass to his wife, saying it's her fault this was leaked. HER FAULT, WHAT A FRIGGIN IDIOT HE IS! Somehow, I think this time, he will fail.

Everybody now knows HIM for the abuser HE is. Imagine a loving father calling his little girl a pig, I think NOT. Oh that nappy chested sorry excuse for a man should be banished from this child's life until she is old enough to decide whether or not she wants him in it.

And if you have been under a rock for the last twenty-four hours and haven't heard his tirade, you can listen to it by clicking here.


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