Monday, April 9, 2007

Easter was ...... strange!

LC and I found ourselves alone this Easter. Lindsay's Dad was visiting them in Lexington, John and Tonia were building a fence for Oreo, hubby had to go to work at noon, and the weather was just horrid.

I got up, made us Easter brunch, then after he went to work, I gathered up the M&M's, tucked myself into bed for the afternoon and watched old Shirley Temple movies. Yep, I did, and it was actually fun!

Don't think I will want to spend every holiday doing this, but it worked yesterday.

I've been SO good lately, cutting out ALL the white stuff, but I made LC Nisha's strawberry angel food cake, so naturally I had a piece with him yesterday morning. WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!

I was starving all day, craving all the bad stuff. I'm off the white stuff for sure now. It wasn't pleasant. I'm back on track this morning, walked over a mile this afternoon. Feeling good...

All my fleurs are looking really pitiful. Heavensville suffered thru 25 degree nights, and it took it's toll. Better days ahead, though, and I'm back in the saddle on the walking track again...

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