Thursday, April 19, 2007

Do you ever wonder why?

I have all these posts about Maggie, and almost none about Munchie? Sweet Munchie is old now, she doesn't have many antics, she mostly just sleeps and bangs on her food bowl when it's empty. However, life is so different with a pup in the house.

Just this morning I was talking to V on the phone, Maggie was asleep in one of her favorite spots, the back of the couch, and all of a sudden there was this CRASH! A plate that was sitting on a stand on a table next to the sofa flew thru the air, landed on the fireplace hearth and smashed into bits. I got up, went in the living room, there was poor Mags, laying on the table in kind of a stupor, she had fallen off the sofa in her sleep and knocked the plate off. She's such a lightweight that she doesn't hurt herself, thank goodness.

Munchie wouldn't do this kind of thing, Munch couldn't even jump on the sofa. We call her our little budha dog, she's a little round furlady, now.

And so I blog about Maggie, who is just HILARIOUS. Munchie used to be this silly, too, but I didn't blog when she was just a young dog. Munch is sleeping on my lap as I write this, Maggie is staying away from the mean 'ole sofa, but now she's eyeing up the back of the chair....


  1. Of course we don't wonder why. Poor Munch. Gone from angel to outcast. From the "small dog" to some gigantic "hoss" that you are unable to pick up for the protection of your no, I don't wonder :-)


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