Saturday, April 30, 2016

Look who's turning 2 today!

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Oh Lexi, what a joy you are.  This post is full of Grammie brags, but our Lexi is just such a special little girl.

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She’s the happiest little child you will ever meet.  She has the sunniest disposition, full of giggles and smiles and seldom cries.  I always say about Lexi what Minnie Pearl always said about herself, “I’m just so proud to be here."


She’s such a precocious little girl.  She talks non-stop, we’ve been able to carry on a conversation with her for a few months now.  She talks to me on the phone, she FaceTimes me and says “Hiya Grammie” and it just melt my heart.,  She sings the ABC song, knows all her colors, can count to fifteen, and knows all the shapes, told you this was a Grammie brag.  Her mama works with her all the time, and at this age they soak it up like a sponge.


She’s an animal lover, too.  She just loves every animal she sees. She and her Cocker Spaniel, Izzie are besties, she scoops up cups of dog food from the pantry and transfers it to the dog bowl several times daily, to the delight of Izzie and the frustration of her parents.  It’s just the way she rolls.  Izzie loves Lexi, and is always by her side, sitting at her high chair at mealtime of course, just waiting for the bites of food to come her way.  No Dust Buster needed in their household, Izzie licks up every morsel that falls. She’s  a little worker bee, too.  She’s Mama's helper in the kitchen, and loves to transfer all the bottled water from it’s packaging to the refrigerator and she sits on the center island and helps Daddy make cookies.  She likes to help unload the dishwasher, she’s an organized little girl, lines all of her toys in rows and separates them into piles, it will be so much fun to watch her as she grows older to see if these traits stay with her.

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Their family just got back from a trip to Florida.  Disney was a huge hit, this child is a Mickey groupie, and loves nothing better than dancing to the Hot Dog, Hot Dog, Hot Diggity Dog Song.


She loves her Daddy and he is just crazy about her.  They have date nights, just the two of them every month when Mama has hair appointments, he’s done this since she was a month old.  He takes her out to dinner, and then to the park when the weather permits.  She goes down the big kid slide now, how can this be possible?  She loves water, and swimming pools and of course the ocean.  She’s just has the best time, regardless of what she is doing.  But oh, she’s growing up way too quickly.  If we could only freeze time...

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We traveled to Nashville last weekend to celebrated her birthday, she loved every minute of it, especially the Mickey balloons and her little eyes lit up as she dug into her Mickey cupcake with gusto.  She says “Yummmmmm”  when she likes something and this child definitely has a sweet tooth.

Happy Birthday sweet little Granddaughter, you are just an absolute delight!

XXo ~ Grammie


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