Friday, November 13, 2015

Michael Kors Puffer Vest



I bought this vest yesterday at TJ Maxx.  I really like it, even though it does make me look like Poppin Fresh.  Just what I need, more bulk!  

Now I’m having issues, it’s that darned cat, Boo-Boo Kitty!  She’s obsessed with it, I’m talking seriously obsessed.  We came home, hubby put it on my bed, still in the sack, and  kitty, who is the nosiest cat I’ve ever had, apparently got in the sack, pulled the vest out and came dragging it by the fur into the living room.  She was making wild big cat jungle noises, apparently thought she had scored a major kill and I was horrified.

I just bought it, I didn’t want her chewing it up.  I took it away from her, put it back in the sack, and hung it on my linen closet door in the bathroom.  Why didn’t I just hang it up, oh who knows why I do the things I do, I have no logical thought process.  Anyway,  I’m sound asleep this morning, and you guessed it, more jungle noises with her lunging at the sack!  I threw a pillow at her and she just gave me the stink eye and kept on lunging.

Am I going to have to keep the darned thing under lock and key?   Return it?  Nah, LC just needs to handle this, it’s his feline after all!

Cats, sheesh!!!


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