Thursday, January 22, 2015

Shake Your Tailfeathers...





I’m really enjoying being down on the farm this week.  Oh, those country roots run deep, you can take the girl outta the country, but...

Oh wait, I live in the country again, duh..

I’m so nostalgic in my old(er) age.  I look out my window at the horses in the pasture, watch the birds in the feeder, and it’s the most peaceful feeling.  And don’t even get me started on how much I love the creek and early morning rides on Milly, the golf cart, down to the woods with a steaming mug of coffee and sweet Maggie, my Yorkie, riding sidekick.  Sorry, I’m rambling.

So anyway, I have this really good friend, Jean, aka Hooverville, appropriately named because she lives in a really, really small town and we have had many “unusual”   day trips in our lifetime.  We also have pictures, so many pictures, most of which are totally unprintable, pictures only friends take of each other, and oh could we ever blackmail each other with them!   We roam the countryside, we’ve taken selfies everywhere  from cemeteries to cornfields, we get together and all of a sudden we’re twelve ten eight again.  We’ve been friends since we were toddlers, Jean is my link to childhood and the woman takes the most amazing photographs.

We were traveling the backroads in 2006, spotted these fowls, and she jumped out and grabbed these shots.  They’re some of my favorites, as I do love those roosters.  My dining room is full of them, they will go well with that new cow head, don’t you think?  Hey, it’s French Country, it’s not hokey, really it isn’t…  Well, that cow head may just be a tad too much, but hubby will learn to love her.  I’m naming her Clover, she’s a good thing.  Um hmmm, sure she is.  Decor Steals contacted me yesterday, she’s in stock and will be winging her way to Heavensville in the near future.  I’ll be sure and post pictures.  

Quit that eye rolling!  Quit . it . right . now !  She’s gonna be fantastic!!!


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