Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Vermont Country Store's Way Back Wednesday


The Vermont Country Store posted this vintage catalog cover on Facebook this afternoon.  Just thought I would give you a smile.  No reason, just because I’m such a fan.

One of these days I’m gonna go there, one of these days….

Tuesday, June 24, 2014



This is everything I love, Americana at it’s finest.  I remember the day when I would have been all over this like mayo on white.  Recreating the look, having poor hubby build me the wooden flag.  Oh those were the days, and I miss them.

I wish I could just muster the energy to do projects like this again.  Oh get real, Jan, you don’t even have a porch, let alone a wagon!  It’s a nice little dream though, you have to admit.  And my antiques are long gone, they haven’t been around since the 90’s, and I miss them too.

Waaaaa, a little whiny pity party on a rainy day.  *sigh*

But wait, I do have that great Uncle Sam in the attic that V made for me back in the day.  And I could buy a red geranium, and I could sit it on my stone bench by the front door with a flag stuck in the pot.  There is always a workaround, always, sometimes I just forget...

Monday, June 23, 2014

Grandchildren Grow up

i love you grammy    ;):):(

i miss you grammy

How many times have I said about my grandchildren, “oh they are so precious, if I could just freeze time.”  And I truly wish I could. But Abby taught me an important lesson this afternoon when she texted me the above. Yes she’s growing up, and she’s learning things in leaps and bounds, and I need to practice what I preach and live in the moment and just soak up the moments of her life.

February, 2013, she was playing on my computer and typed the following and I saved it -

hgtrgvgvjrtjtgriotrgjrtiljgtoigolzxrhrgtltnyohtbhtgbfhfgtroitohgtrrrtt7htrjgwrtuhtrgtr gutugtuoguilhdu3tihhhfvdfvohvfdabbyis4gcfhkdvbdfhgvfjdchugbtrnjhdgvkrfhgedj vw2erfucdxnrtfv gfgvbfrtufgv XZ  √bvv  nbccfvfhrvhfgvefcfihouh2exxxxxxxxxxxxxxoyfegbetgykgtrnkhjbhghggtyyh5bgtgnhtgvbgnjhiuyk5hjgvutye5yhytiuyhtu6juuyuyhyriuyghtkrjhturjfjhjgnytkjgytygnykjghnytkyjjhny5jhnyjhyyyyyyhjolytjhiouytpuhjiygjuiytujhyiujltihhythythyuhtyljguiylhuythujyoihkjptyhytpijohytjhiotjokhiyjhpotytpoyhtiyjghyklgjvtjkyghnoiytjnhotyigjo51m\\\\\\\\[[[[[[[[[[[]]]]]]]]\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;===============================================================================================================================================================================================================------------------------------------------------=-=-==-==--=-=-=-=--=-=-=-=-=---=-[==-=-=-=-=--=======================-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

She was three years old when she typed this and I thought that it was amazing that she could do it, and it was, but just look at her now.  GO ABS!!!!!! 

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Vlasic Farmer's Garden pickles


There are pickles and then there are pickles. Oh my, these are just the best!  My buddy, V, introduced me to these a few weeks ago, they’re in the condiment section of your grocery store, they’re not refrigerated and I’m hooked.  

The Garlic Dill Slices are extremely thick, that’s what makes them so good.  If you’re a pickle lover and haven’t tried these, pick up a jar and you will see what I mean.  Four stars on this one, V!

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