Friday, October 31, 2014

Hubby's latest project...

Pantry organization

My spices are a pain in the patootie.  I have a cupboard for them with staggered shelves, but I constantly knock the front ones over trying to see what’s in the back.  I usually end up having hubby find things for me because I can't reach far enough back.  Waaaaaa

Enter Pinterest.  I have a renewed love affair with Pinterest this month.  Organization is the key, that’s always been my motto, and thanks to just searching pinterest for Jewelry Organization I’ve come up with some great ideas that we’re implementing.  So then I found this pantry door organizer on Pinterest and hubby jumped on it like a hot potato!  It’s his weekend project, building this for the inside of my pantry door.  I’ll let you know how it works out.

And back to Pinterest.  I have a new Jewelry Organization Board if you want to take a look.  So far he’s sprayed an iron shelf with hooks with Old Gold Spray Paint, mounted it in my bathroom and I have a lot of my necklaces hanging from it.  On top I have candlestick holders for my bracelets, and more.  I’ll update with pictures soon.  It’s working great!  On the other bathroom wall I want a picture frame with mesh in it so I  can hang my earrings and maybe another picture frame for rings. But I can’t have just two frames, I need three, so I’ll figure out something else.


I thought this idea was so clever, wine corks with push pins.  Not for me, but somebody was really creative with this one.  You know, back in the day, I thought I used to dream up some pretty creative things, but now realize that I didn’t really have a clue.  I’m constantly amazed at the things people come up with.  It’s so frustrating being old(er) and not having space for all these new ideas.

Oh, the possibilities.

Here’s the click to the board, I know you want to take a peek… ~ Jan


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