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I’m a little late to this parade, fruit and veggie infused water has been making the rounds on Pinterest and Facebook for quite a while now.  But it’s been on my “try” list for because I really need to quit the diet soda and drink water, which unfortunately I’m not a fan of.

Today, hubby and I were out and about and we stopped in at Tuesday Morning and found these Del Sol Beverage Dispensers.  We bought them, found out later we got a good price, $30, and they are sold online for $60, stocked up on different kinds of fruits, bought some jugs of filtered water and filled the containers.  Slices of lemon went into one container, and slices of watermelon into the other.

I tried the lemon first, it was really refreshing, yep, I could drink this, then I tried the watermelon, and oh . my . goodness - it was amazing!  Next I’m going to mix cucumber with lemon, it seems to be a big “spa drink” favorite online.

I was on Ball’s site, they sell an infuser that you put in a Ball Fruit Jar, a handy little gadget, but I like the dispenser idea better.  They also had several different suggestions for making your own water, maybe some of you who haven’t already done this might like to check it out.  Of course you don’t really need the dispenser, it just makes it handy.  Frozen fruit works well too, just dump a bag in a gallon container, and you’ve got instantly cold flavored water.  I should have tried this a long time ago...

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