Tuesday, June 24, 2014



This is everything I love, Americana at it’s finest.  I remember the day when I would have been all over this like mayo on white.  Recreating the look, having poor hubby build me the wooden flag.  Oh those were the days, and I miss them.

I wish I could just muster the energy to do projects like this again.  Oh get real, Jan, you don’t even have a porch, let alone a wagon!  It’s a nice little dream though, you have to admit.  And my antiques are long gone, they haven’t been around since the 90’s, and I miss them too.

Waaaaa, a little whiny pity party on a rainy day.  *sigh*

But wait, I do have that great Uncle Sam in the attic that V made for me back in the day.  And I could buy a red geranium, and I could sit it on my stone bench by the front door with a flag stuck in the pot.  There is always a workaround, always, sometimes I just forget...


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